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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
2784vdemoEnhancementNewNormalcheck status with other modality than color05/22/2019 06:41 PM

2778vdemoBugNewLowvdemo perturbed by bashrc print-outs10/24/2018 09:52 AM

2772Robotics Service BusEnhancementNewNormalUniformed path for System-Config in Windows10/15/2018 10:31 AMConfiguration

2758Automated Build GeneratorFeatureNewNormalAdd support for Xvfb Jenkins pluginJ. Moringen09/10/2018 09:33 AMJenkins API

2756Automated Build GeneratorBugIn ProgressNormalSuffix "d0" appended to branch nameJ. Moringen08/28/2018 11:17 PMProject Analysis

2754Automated Build GeneratorBugFeedbackNormalBad Error MessagesJ. Moringen06/13/2018 11:15 AMProject Analysis

2753Robotics Service BusBugNewNormalIntrospection BugsJ. Moringen06/13/2018 09:56 AMIntrospection

2751VisualizationBugNewNormal[Snapping] does not seem to properly work on actual connectors04/24/2018 01:51 PM

2750VisualizationEnhancementNewNormal[BREAKPOINTS] Distinguish between snapping based on breakpoints on the same connection vs other nodes in the scene04/24/2018 01:44 PM

2745Automated Build GeneratorFeatureIn ProgressNormalOrchestrationJ. Moringen11/21/2017 11:03 PMTemplate

2743Robotics Service BusTasksIn ProgressNormalRelease version 0.18J. Moringen02/07/2019 11:54 AMRelease Management

2737Robotics Systems TypesFeatureFeedbackNormalAdd "Corenlp Dependency Tree" to SpeechHypothesisD. Hamann10/16/2017 09:23 PMType Proposal

2705RSB OpenCVFeatureNewNormalSave received images to diskL. Ziegler01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2704RSB OpenCVFeatureNewHighAdd command line option for rsb_videosender and _receiver to configure frame resolutionS. Wrede01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2703RSB OpenCVBugNewNormalVideoreceiver in FaceDetection mode deadlocks upon restart of image informer01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2702RSB OpenCVFeatureNewNormalDisambiguate IplImage Converter in VideoReceiverS. Wrede01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2701RSB OpenCVBugNewNormalDebian package depends on librst${VERSION_MAJOR}.${VERSION_MINOR}01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2700RSB OpenCVBugNewNormalAdd CMake check if qt backend is availableS. Wrede01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2699RSB OpenCVEnhancementIn ProgressNormalRefactor existing applications according to new rsb-cv architectureS. Wrede01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2698RSB OpenCVEnhancementIn ProgressNormalRefactoring of rsb-cvS. Wrede01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2697RSB OpenCVTasksNewNormalImplement ROIExtractor S. Wrede01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2696RSB OpenCVTasksNewNormalExtract face listener to FaceProvider class01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2695RSB OpenCVBugNewNormalVideoreceiver stops updating if no face events are received01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2694RSB OpenCVFeatureIn ProgressNormalIntegrate (GPU-enabled) face detectorS. Wrede01/26/2017 01:11 PM

2693RSB OpenCVEnhancementIn ProgressNormalChange configuration to rsc config cascade with command line handlingS. Wrede01/26/2017 01:11 PM

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