Bug #1194

rsbvideosink element does not work properly with video/x-raw-rgb,bpp=24

Added by J. Moringen about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:10/09/2012
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:J. Moringen% Done:


Target version:Robotics Service Bus - rsb-0.9


For this configuration, the element produces incorrect rst.vision.Image objects.

Associated revisions

Revision 9e4cb9e8
Added by J. Moringen about 9 years ago

Fixed video/x-rgb-raw handling in src/gst_rsb_video_sink.cpp

refs #1182, fixes #1194

  • src/gst_rsb_video_sink.cpp (gst_rsb_video_sink_sink_factory): for
    video/x-raw-rgb, restrict bpp and depth to 24
    (gst_rsb_video_sink_set_caps): for video/x-raw-rgb, default bpp to
    24; depending on the pixel format check bpp value

Revision 0a0da2a7
Added by J. Moringen about 9 years ago

Fixed channel mask fuckup in src/gst_rsb_video_{src,sink}.cpp

After the previous "fixes" (in 9e4cb9e and a6c82d3), the color
channels masks for bgr and rgb were reversed. To add insult to injury,
there was a programming error of confusing the = and operators.

refs #1182, refs #1194, refs #1204

  • src/gst_rsb_video_src.cpp (gst_rsb_video_sink_set_caps): reversed
    channel masks for rgb and bgr; added warning if channels masks are
    missing, although this should not happen; fixed = vs. confusion
  • src/gst_rsb_video_sink.cpp (gst_rsb_video_src_set_format): similar


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Applied in changeset rsb-gstreamer|commit:9e4cb9e85d8ba53a135b2a4bed8206c99f724095.

#2 Updated by J. Wienke about 9 years ago

Can you port this back to 0.7 please

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