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Document logging system configuration

Added by J. Moringen over 10 years ago.

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I am aware that there is no RSC manual so far, but I would like to record the following in case such a manual is written at some point

when I use e.g. classes provided from included libraries, that use the
rsc logging functionality, is it possible to set a different log level
for these than for the "main" programm? Or maybe even per instance of
a class?

For RSC-based logging, log-levels of individual loggers can be
configured based on logger names. Most libraries use fully qualified
class names as logger names (e.g. rsb.transport.spread.outconnector),
thus referring to individual instances is usually not possible. These
names can be referred to in e.g. rsb.conf:

rsb.transport.spread.outconnector.LEVEL= ALL | TRACE | DEBUG | ...

or environment variables:


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