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repository for patched commons-scxml

Added by M. Goerlich about 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Patching our version of the scxml executor became a monthly-task recently. To improve the handling of our code and tracability I would like to have a repository where our branch of the scxml library is located. Currently a binary is imported into the repository. For instance our current revision is 1658973 with a patch to fix "Cancel". Nobody really knows this actually.


#1 Updated by M. Goerlich about 4 years ago

bump ^^

#2 Updated by J. Wienke about 4 years ago

I can create a repsitory in this project, if you think this is necessary.

#3 Updated by M. Goerlich almost 4 years ago

Sorry for the long delay, missed the update.

I think it would have the following benefits:
- it would be clear what code is actually used (atm it's in my home directory ;D)
- the changes we make could be extracted and pushed back to apache commons more easily
- same for the other direction
- we could drop the maven repository and deploy the library in a nicer manner

#4 Updated by S. Wrede almost 4 years ago

If we decide to do this, my proposal would be to do this in a CoR-Lab github project.

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