Bug #2613

rct requests and current system time

Added by M. Goerlich almost 8 years ago.

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In RCT a request with a time t_x that is issued and cannot be answered at t_now is changed to the system time of the first change of the TF tree (t_first_change = t_now).

If the request is answered for the modified, then either:

  • you get the wrong transformation
    • when requesting the transformation that is one second old at program startup you will probably receive the current one instead of the message that the transform is not available
  • you get no transformations at all
    • when playing back a tide-file and the transform publisher needs time for the transform calculation, since the current timestamp is probably not included in the tide-file.

Not changing the timestamp will lead to errors for case 1 (what you have to expect nevertheless) and correct results in case 2 (what you have to expect as well).

See https://github.com/leonziegler/rct-cpp/blob/master/core/src/rct/impl/TransformerTF2.cpp#L136

Disclaimer: Except for if tf itself uses some internal clock, then things might get even weirder.

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