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Removing the ascii serializer

Added by S. Barut over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Since the string type has two converters (one for utf-8-string, one for ascii-string), the ConverterSelector needs a strategy to decide, which converter should be used to serialize a string.
Since the strategy does not exist, it is a first-registered-converts strategy.
At least I want to favor utf-8-string and to make it clearly, the ascii-string converter is removed from the serializationConverterList in the default repository. (instead of just reorder the default converter list)

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Revision d138e5f6
Added by S. Barut over 2 years ago

Remove the ascii-string converter from defaults

As discussed in #2769, if someone really wishes an ascii-string
converter, he or she can add it in the repository.

The StringConverter itself has still the optional bool argument to
choose the encoding, since it does not change anything.

fixes #2769

Signed-off-by: Johannes Wienke <>


#1 Updated by J. Wienke over 2 years ago

Maybe a better solution would be not to include the ascii string converter in the list of default converters at all? If someone needs that converter, he or she could use a custom strategy.

#2 Updated by S. Barut over 2 years ago

Sure. I wouldn't mind, if it gets removed.

#3 Updated by S. Barut over 2 years ago

Removed from the default list (commented out).
Also rebased to 531bea6

#4 Updated by S. Barut over 2 years ago

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