Bug #2778

vdemo perturbed by bashrc print-outs

Added by G. Walck over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:10/22/2018
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Seems like an

  echo  "Hello World" 

in the bashrc, perturbs vdemo start, it won't recognize the screen has started

gwalck@brutus:~$ vdemo_sfb.sh 
resetting machine names to localhost
-- [2018-10-22T10:41:32] my process id: 8206, vdemo-id: vdemo-sfb-k0U5Bl5dgX
created spread config: /tmp/vdemo-sfb-k0U5Bl5dgX-spread.conf
connecting to localhost: ....error: 'Hello Worldconnected'

obvious solution is to remove this echo, but people might have some other bashrc "outputs"

is it something easy to fix at vdemo side ? No necessity nor urgency though


#1 Updated by R. Haschke over 5 years ago

I cannot confirm this issue.
Which version / where did you tried?

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