Robotics Systems Commons: New maintained branch 0.4 of RSC (7 comments)

Added by J. Wienke almost 13 years ago

A new maintenance branch of RSC with version 0.4 is available in the SVN. For stable development please depend on this branch.

Robotics Service Bus: First public release (18 comments)

Added by J. Wienke about 13 years ago

We're happy to announce the first public release of RSB with version 0.3.0, which will receive maintenance updates.

This version of RSB provides comparable client APIs in C++, Java, Python and Common LISP for m:n broadcast over a Spread-based transport. For a detailed list of implemented tasks and fixed issues have a look at the tracker for this version.

Downloadable source archives of this version are available in the Files section of the Redmine. Furthermore, pre-compiled archives of RSB can be found as artifacts on our continuous integration server.

Robotics Systems Commons: Release 0.3.0 available (75 comments)

Added by J. Wienke about 13 years ago

A new release of rsc with version number 0.3.0 has been prepared and is available in the files section and as a tag in the repository. This version is mainly a maintenance release and a stable basis for the release of Robotics Service Bus.

Robotics Service Bus: Updated SVN structure (15 comments)

Added by J. Wienke about 13 years ago

The svn structure has been updated according to #350. So please update your local working copies using an SVN switch.

Robotics Systems Commons: Improved Code Analysis Support (3 comments)

Added by J. Wienke about 13 years ago

The support for static and dynamic code analysis tools in the CMake utility library of RSC has been improved. RSC now provides CMake modules that integrated these tools for code analysis:
  • cppcheck - static code analysis for common errors in C++
  • SLOCCount - lines of code counting
  • gcov - Code coverage reporting on GCC-based platforms. HTML report is based on lcov and XML reporting on gcovr.

All CMake modules provide outputs that are compatible with the Jenkins continuous integration server. The XML report for the coverage report can be parsed by Jenkin's Cobertura plugin and dedicated plugins for cppcheck and SLOCCount exist.

Robotics Systems Commons: StaticMatrix removed (3 comments)

Added by J. Wienke about 13 years ago

StaticMatrix was removed from RSC. It is not worth for this library to maintain own basic math structures. Instead, Eigen2 is recommended as a basis for matrix operations.

Robotics Systems Commons: Release 0.1 Available

Added by J. Wienke over 13 years ago

We're glad to announce the first release of the Robotics Systems Commons library (RSC) with version 0.1.

The source code is available via SVN (source:/branches/0.1/rsc) at or as a tar.gz archive in the files section.

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