From 01/24/2012 to 02/22/2012


06:29 PM Tasks #895 (Feedback): Unit support
How do we want to handle units?
E.g. some of the measures are in seconds, others in microseconds or dimension-less (...
05:54 PM Tasks #826: Generate common benchmark output
* Implemented abstract formatter infrastructure
* Implemented example formatters for simple XML and Japex format


01:22 PM Tasks #826 (In Progress): Generate common benchmark output
Output results in common benchmark output formats to support common benchmark (visualization) tools. Anonymous
01:21 PM Tasks #825 (Resolved): Add Valgrind support
# Include @valgrind/callgrind.h@
# Start instrumentation with the macro
# Stop...
01:17 PM Tasks #824 (In Progress): Measure CPU time via callgrind
Measure CPU time via callgrind Anonymous
01:17 PM Tasks #823 (In Progress): Executing entire benchmark
Optionally compile benchmarks of several files into a single binary to be executed at once and get the consolidated r... Anonymous
01:16 PM Tasks #822 (In Progress): Benchmark Baselines
Optionally benchmark against _baselines_:
* Either from 3rd-party libraries
* Or from older benchmarking runs

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