From 03/18/2014 to 04/16/2014


06:43 PM Enhancement #1848 (Rejected): Do not remove repository credentials while regenerating a job
In case a jenkins job already exists and the user configured credentials manually for the repository checkout, do not... J. Wienke
06:32 PM Bug #1847 (Resolved): pkg-config dependency not found
The dependency of the following cmake script on vdemo is not discovered automatically:
J. Wienke
10:50 AM Enhancement #1843 (Resolved): Mention the underlying project for every reported error
Please output the project that caused an error for everything that is reported. As multiple projects use the same SVN... J. Wienke
10:49 AM Enhancement #1842 (Resolved): Make errors of failing sub-commands visible
In case one of the sub-commands like svn fails, please also show the reason for the failure, which probably means the... J. Wienke
10:40 AM Enhancement #1841 (Resolved): Provide a command line switch to move the temp directory
My /tmp partition is still too small to contain all checked out projects for my distributions and I can't find a swit... J. Wienke
10:36 AM Enhancement #1840 (Resolved): Report syntax errors before starting the lengthy analysis process
Please report syntax errors in any for the files to load before starting to analyze projects. Otherwise ages are wast... J. Wienke


12:05 PM Bug #1821 (Resolved): No dependencies found for cca-oncilla
In my experiments with the @oncilla-sim.distribution@, it seems, that thebuild-generator doesn't find any dependencie... Anonymous


02:34 PM Bug #1819 (Resolved): Fix warning of Jenkins Subversion SCM Plugin
The SVN/SCM plugin seems to be picky about URLs:... S. Wrede


05:30 PM Enhancement #1681 (Rejected): Pass password request to the user
In practice, respective local password storage mechanisms of SCMs (@.netrc@, etc.) are used instead. J. Moringen

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