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Added by J. Moringen about 1 month ago

Better error reporting for JSON syntax errors in src/model/project/json.lisp

JSON syntax errors are reported with the name of the containing file
and a snippet from the file with the offending text highlighted.

  • src/model/project/json.lisp (header): updated copyright
    (annotation-condition): new condition; can store annotations related
    to the signaled condition
    (print-object :around annotation-condition t): new method; print
    annotation for condition
    (json-syntax-error): new condition; for annotating JSON syntax
    (%decode-json-from-source): translate `json:json-syntax-error' into
    `json-syntax-error' with annotation
    (define-json-loader): do not wrap conditions of type
  • jenkins.project.asd (header): updated copyright
    (system jenkins.project): added system dependency on


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