Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
cca::BeatGlobal heart beat of the Data-Flow graph
cca::Buffer< DATATYPE >CCA Buffer for Data-Flow Ports
cca::BufferEmptyExceptionCCA Buffer Exception
cca::Buffering< DATATYPE >CCA Buffering interface
cca::CCAExceptionCCA Exception, inheriting from std::runtime_error
cca::Collector< DTOTYPE >DTO Collector
cca::ComponentBase CCA Data-Flow Component
cca::ComponentInfoConverterConverter for cca::ComponentInfo to rst Value
cca::ComponentStateConverterConverter for cca::ComponentState to rst::cbse::ComponentState
cca::ContainingDoublesBase for DTOs that contain double values or have setters/getters for double values
cca::DataTransferObjectBase data transfer object, representing domain-specific data
cca::DebugDTODomain transfer object for debugging purposes
cca::DegToRadMapping: degree to radians
cca::timing::HeartBeatGlobal heart beat of the Data-Flow graph
cca::InactiveInactive processing, not reacting to any processing triggers
cca::InputPort< DATATYPE >InputPort base class
cca::InputPortBaseInputPort base class
cca::ModerateModerate Processing will process the component if all input port got a new input
cca::NemoTransformation< T >Generic NemoMath Transformation Component
cca::NodeBase CCA Data-Flow Component
cca::OutputPort< DATATYPE >Typed output port
cca::OutputPortBaseTyped output port
cca::PeriodicBeatGlobal heart beat of the Data-Flow graph
cca::PortPort of a CCANode
cca::PortConfigurationPortConfiguration of a CCANode
cca::PortTriggeredPort-Triggered Processing will process the component if new input arrived at a certain defined input port
cca::ProcessingStrategyProcessing ProcessingStrategy of a CCANode
cca::RadToDegMapping: radians to degrees
cca::RandomNumberGenerator< DATATYPE >RandomNumberGenerator
cca::RestlessRestless Processing will process the component on every possible incoming processing trigger (timing signal, incoming input)
cca::RTPeriodicBeatGlobal heart beat of the Data-Flow graph
cca::SingleItemBuffer< DATATYPE >CCA SingleBuffer for Data-Flow Ports
cca::Splitter< DTOTYPE >DTO Splitter
cca::SynchronizedQueue< DATATYPE >Synchronized Queue Buffer for Data-Flow Ports
cca::timing::converters::TickConverterConverter for cca::Tick to rst::cbse::Tick
cca::TimedTimed Processing will process the component after a defined number of incoming timing signals