From 02/24/2013 to 03/25/2013


02:56 PM Bug #1454 (Feedback): Check 'vagrant' for building release VMs
Check *Vagrant* for (continuously) building virtual machines for releases. It is based on s... Anonymous


12:58 PM Tasks #1449 (In Progress): Delete all rsx0.8 packages
Exemplarily for precise(i386):... M. Goetting


05:37 PM Tasks #1449 (Closed): Delete all rsx0.8 packages
Delete all *-0.8 packages of rsx (rsc, rsb, rst, rst-converters, ...) from the package server. They are superseeded b... Anonymous


12:58 PM Tasks #1437 (New): Provide testing repository
Very well, then!
@Michael: Could you have a look at this and propose an CI uploading policy, that we then can batc...
11:32 AM Tasks #1437: Provide testing repository
Michael and I have talked about this some time ago and basically agreed on this. So it should just be done. J. Wienke


06:18 PM Tasks #1437 (Resolved): Provide testing repository
Apart from the _main_ repository we have now, I would like to propose a _testing_ repository, too, where we deploy un... Anonymous

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