From 10/03/2011 to 11/01/2011


02:48 AM Revision 20cbc043 (rsb-gstreamer): Added scripts scripts/export_{camera,file}.sh
* scripts/ export a/v of a camera on two scopes
* scripts/ similar for a/v of a media...
J. Moringen


05:07 AM Revision 6675b1d9 (rsb-gstreamer): branch for 0.5 version
J. Moringen


05:55 PM Revision 2e9da0a9 (rsb-gstreamer): fix compilation
J. Wienke


04:02 PM Revision 7925c4a1 (rsb-gstreamer): Cosmetic changes in scripts/
* scripts/ cosmetic changes to output and variable names J. Moringen
04:01 PM Revision 54d63503 (rsb-gstreamer): Renamed and fixed scripts/
* scripts/ renamed scripts/ ->
scripts/; removed audiorate element; fixed prope...
J. Moringen
03:58 PM Revision 255426d3 (rsb-gstreamer): Merged scope fix for shell script from 0.4 branch
J. Moringen
03:52 PM Revision 17ec4756 (rsb-gstreamer): Added RSB RPC control element in src/gst_rsb_control
* src/gst_rsb_control.{h,cpp}: new file; interface and implementation
of RSB RPC control element
* src/plugin.cpp: ...
J. Moringen
03:27 PM Revision 1d3eae4c (rsb-gstreamer): Adapted to changes in RST type names and file layout
* src/gst_rsb_audio_sink.cpp: changed references rst::ImageMessage ->
rst::vision::Image and rst::SoundMessage ->
J. Moringen

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