From 05/17/2015 to 06/15/2015


06:30 PM Bug #2322 (Resolved): time_precision Warning in log
Applied in changeset commit:graphite-adapter|f6e4ef44f9f52ad56d4367dbd2d2991fc5a70994. J. Wienke
06:15 PM Bug #2322 (In Progress): time_precision Warning in log
Hm, strange, seems I added this once on my own to work around some other bug. J. Wienke
06:21 PM Revision 80467edd (db-adapter): Support influxdb 0.9
Adds additional support for influxdb 0.9 J. Wienke
06:16 PM Revision f6e4ef44 (db-adapter): Fix time precision issues with 0.8
Use newer notation for milliseconds.
fixes #2322
J. Wienke


06:56 PM Bug #2322 (Rejected): time_precision Warning in log
This is an upstream issue of the influxdb python API. Basically I can't do anything against this apart from manually ... J. Wienke
02:45 PM Bug #2322 (Resolved): time_precision Warning in log
The logfile is filled with ~80-100 lines per second with messages like these:... N. Köster
02:47 PM Bug #2323 (Resolved): Grafana has high CPU usage and high I/O
InfluxDB uses ~600% CPU for about 1 - 1/2 hours. Also there is a high I/O during this time (4-6MB).
Is this inten...
N. Köster


03:51 PM Revision 0cd686f4 (db-adapter): vim project config
J. Wienke


05:47 PM Revision 1cb1c689 (grafana-dashboards): Update introspection dashboard
J. Wienke
05:31 PM Revision fcb1097c (grafana-dashboards): Relayout with grafana 2
J. Wienke
05:29 PM Revision 05e6fa49 (grafana-dashboards): Relayout for grafana 2
J. Wienke
04:43 PM Revision 0826be8c (host-monitor): Support 0.12 rsx for csra...
J. Wienke
04:25 PM Revision 138777bd (grafana-dashboards): Remove explicit datasource definition
J. Wienke
02:24 PM Revision 7c17a4e6 (grafana-dashboards): Remove shared tooltips
Usability seems to be bad. J. Wienke
02:20 PM Revision d2e8d969 (grafana-dashboards): Support new host monitoring features
* Many new plots
* Allow to graph multiple hosts at once
J. Wienke
02:05 PM Revision bf680344 (host-monitor): Prevent a name clash with the old C++ version
Rename the executable as long as we cannot resolve this clash. J. Wienke
02:05 PM Revision 65b3ba72 (host-monitor): Remove jiffy length debug output
J. Wienke
01:57 PM Revision 653b55b8 (db-adapter): Include network information
J. Wienke
11:10 AM Revision 6ae4106e (db-adapter): Include storage devices
J. Wienke
10:40 AM Revision d0347981 (db-adapter): Extract series name patterns into constants
J. Wienke


07:01 PM Revision dac42313 (db-adapter): Include disk partitions
J. Wienke
06:51 PM Revision 9917f4af (db-adapter): Provide a unified submit function for influxdb
J. Wienke
06:29 PM Revision 69a10254 (db-adapter): Unify _ProcesData and _HostData to copyable object
Remove duplication and make things more generic for further additions. J. Wienke
05:23 PM Revision 16f133af (db-adapter): Include user information if available
J. Wienke
04:51 PM Revision e089000a (db-adapter): Shield against missing optional host fields
J. Wienke
04:26 PM Revision f879cb9e (host-monitor): Add logged-in users monitoring
J. Wienke
04:26 PM Revision 42d2bef8 (host-monitor): Add network monitoring
J. Wienke
01:52 PM Revision 8f1406c6 (host-monitor): Include disk partition and device monitoring
J. Wienke
01:16 PM Revision 4b31c0db (host-monitor): Include the number of running processes
J. Wienke


06:41 PM Revision e019065c (host-monitor): Initial version replicating C++ functionality
J. Wienke

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