From 05/31/2015 to 06/29/2015


07:01 PM Tasks #2335 (Resolved): Create documentation project
Things change between versions. Use sphinx to represent these changes instead of an unversioned wiki page. J. Wienke
07:00 PM Tasks #2334 (Resolved): Release version 1.0
J. Wienke
04:50 PM Tasks #2334 (In Progress): Release version 1.0
J. Wienke
04:49 PM Tasks #2334 (Resolved): Release version 1.0
* -news-
** -changed version scheme-
** -changed repo url-
* -adapt CI jobs-
* -adapt citk-
** -repo url-
** -b...
J. Wienke
06:58 PM Release 1.0 and structural changes
Version 1.0 of the performance monitoring toolchain has been release and is available as separate branches in the ind... J. Wienke
05:45 PM Revision 37da3582 (process-monitor): Fix documentation installation directory
(cherry picked from commit 0e20d1bd075ec7a1bf2d127fd340bb189bcc70bd) J. Wienke
05:45 PM Revision 0e20d1bd (process-monitor): Fix documentation installation directory
J. Wienke
04:47 PM Bug #2323 (In Progress): Grafana has high CPU usage and high I/O
Basically we are limited by the integration between influxdb and grafana and the (in-) ability to use continuous down... J. Wienke
04:45 PM Tasks #2333 (Resolved): Create Dashboards for graphite backend
Applied in changeset commit:grafana-dashboards|9fffed01ad71caf866da8ac6bb9282185836abd0. J. Wienke
02:10 PM Tasks #2333 (Resolved): Create Dashboards for graphite backend
J. Wienke
04:45 PM Tasks #2331 (Resolved): Reduce auto-refresh intervals
Applied in changeset commit:grafana-dashboards|4450bc60505c67b434f08103673f1e154f931c54. J. Wienke
04:41 PM Tasks #2331 (In Progress): Reduce auto-refresh intervals
J. Wienke
04:44 PM Revision 4450bc60 (grafana-dashboards): Unify time ranges and update intervals
Provides common time ranges, update intervals and defaults for all
dashboards. Update rates have been limited to prev...
J. Wienke
04:44 PM Revision efa51345 (grafana-dashboards): Clean up default values
Remove remainders from specific setups. J. Wienke
04:44 PM Revision c671f536 (grafana-dashboards): Use new axis units from grafana 2
J. Wienke
04:44 PM Revision 39d34d46 (grafana-dashboards): Remove top line from monitoring-overview
The host-details dashboard has superseded this functionality. J. Wienke
04:44 PM Revision 7c1f1fcd (grafana-dashboards): Make data sources explicit
This ensures that the dashboards are used with the appropriate data
J. Wienke
04:44 PM Revision 7fd49fcf (grafana-dashboards): Use new metric from adapter in influxdb dashboards
Prevents several calculations being performed by the db. J. Wienke
04:44 PM Revision 9fffed01 (grafana-dashboards): Add graphite dashboards
fixes #2333 J. Wienke
04:10 PM Revision b93ff45b (db-adapter): Remove legacy executable name
J. Wienke
04:09 PM Revision 42121500 (db-adapter): Make this a 2.0 dev version
J. Wienke
04:06 PM Revision b1ea7a8e (db-adapter): Make this a 1.0 version
J. Wienke
03:57 PM Revision 6b7e3166 (host-monitor): Change executable name
rsb-host-monitor has been removed from the process-monitor
implementation. So we won't collide anymore.
J. Wienke
03:56 PM Revision 1b0e7b49 (host-monitor): Make this 2.0 and a dev version
Changes the version and adds a dev suffix via the setup.cfg file. J. Wienke
03:45 PM Revision b769b646 (host-monitor): Make this 1.0
J. Wienke
03:43 PM Revision 1204cb0d (host-monitor): Allow to specify the host name
Add a command line flag to override the reported host name. J. Wienke
03:34 PM Revision 8ba35b3e (process-monitor): Remove the deprecated host monitor
This has been superseded by the python implementation in the
host-monitor project.
J. Wienke
03:34 PM Revision 77576a49 (process-monitor): Make this version 2.0 to prepare for major changes
J. Wienke
02:39 PM Revision cb3fc251 (process-monitor): Call this project rsb-host-monitor and switch version
Switches this project to version 1.0 and renames it rsb-host-monitor. J. Wienke
02:09 PM Bug #2332 (Resolved): Differential processing may result in wrong time series data in case of div...
J. Wienke
02:09 PM Bug #2332: Differential processing may result in wrong time series data in case of diverging cycl... specifies:
> Whisper requires that metric updates occur at...
J. Wienke
01:24 PM Bug #2332 (Resolved): Differential processing may result in wrong time series data in case of div...
Assuming a monitored process periodically produces a CPU usage peak. This peak will get noticed by the dbadapter corr... J. Wienke


05:11 PM Revision 90586572 (db-adapter): Calculate additional derived cues for hosts
Utility calculations to reduce computational effort required by the dashboards. J. Wienke
05:09 PM Tasks #2331 (Resolved): Reduce auto-refresh intervals
Constant auto-refreshes seem to be costly for the backends. At least reduce the available auto-refresh options to mor... J. Wienke
05:08 PM Tasks #2330 (Rejected): Make exposing detailed CPU information optional
This is currently not used and just creates useless load on the database backends. J. Wienke
05:07 PM Tasks #2329 (Resolved): Make derivative calculation the default
Since dashboard queries seem to be quite costly, make derivative calculation the default and remove the respective co... J. Wienke
04:10 PM Revision 158fe4dc (db-adapter): Pylint warning fixes
J. Wienke
03:23 PM Feature #2213: Add process selection based on host in grafana monitoring overview dashboard
Due to the fact that processes constantly roamed around different hosts, we excluded the host name from the processes... J. Wienke
03:10 PM Bug #2328 (Rejected): CPU precent calculation does not work when derivation is off
J. Wienke


02:32 PM Revision 657ead67 (grafana-dashboards): Move dashboards in a subfolder per backend
J. Wienke
11:17 AM Revision d162acdb (db-adapter): Base GraphiteBackend on TimeseriesDbBackend
This revives the backend and removes a lot of duplicated code. J. Wienke
11:16 AM Revision 32032cc4 (db-adapter): Remove text fileds from messages
Things like host name etc. have never been used and are hard to use. J. Wienke


04:32 PM Revision 0b31f76e (db-adapter): Move CPU values into their own series
This makes representations consistent. J. Wienke
04:10 PM Revision e77e1167 (db-adapter): Generic timeseries backend base class
Extracted the generic functionality from the influxdb backend into a base class
which will later also be used for gra...
J. Wienke
03:38 PM Revision 91d45f89 (db-adapter): Markup fix for sphinx
J. Wienke


07:01 PM Revision 94afd80a (db-adapter): Add basic unit testing
J. Wienke
06:58 PM Revision d482909e (db-adapter): Update gitignore
J. Wienke
06:04 PM Revision c336dc58 (db-adapter): Remove thread processing
Removes thread processing from the user interface since this isn't used at all. J. Wienke
06:03 PM Revision a002247c (db-adapter): Fix logging
* include logging file in manifest
* only enable DEBUG for the own package and set everything else to WARN
J. Wienke


04:20 PM Revision 950bcf99 (grafana-dashboards): Use available memory instead of used for hosts
This ensures that caching is not included. J. Wienke
04:17 PM Revision c676a753 (db-adapter): Expose usable memory in grafana
J. Wienke


06:30 PM Bug #2322 (Resolved): time_precision Warning in log
Applied in changeset commit:graphite-adapter|f6e4ef44f9f52ad56d4367dbd2d2991fc5a70994. J. Wienke
06:15 PM Bug #2322 (In Progress): time_precision Warning in log
Hm, strange, seems I added this once on my own to work around some other bug. J. Wienke
06:21 PM Revision 80467edd (db-adapter): Support influxdb 0.9
Adds additional support for influxdb 0.9 J. Wienke
06:16 PM Revision f6e4ef44 (db-adapter): Fix time precision issues with 0.8
Use newer notation for milliseconds.
fixes #2322
J. Wienke


06:56 PM Bug #2322 (Rejected): time_precision Warning in log
This is an upstream issue of the influxdb python API. Basically I can't do anything against this apart from manually ... J. Wienke
02:45 PM Bug #2322 (Resolved): time_precision Warning in log
The logfile is filled with ~80-100 lines per second with messages like these:... N. Köster
02:47 PM Bug #2323 (Resolved): Grafana has high CPU usage and high I/O
InfluxDB uses ~600% CPU for about 1 - 1/2 hours. Also there is a high I/O during this time (4-6MB).
Is this inten...
N. Köster


03:51 PM Revision 0cd686f4 (db-adapter): vim project config
J. Wienke


05:47 PM Revision 1cb1c689 (grafana-dashboards): Update introspection dashboard
J. Wienke
05:31 PM Revision fcb1097c (grafana-dashboards): Relayout with grafana 2
J. Wienke
05:29 PM Revision 05e6fa49 (grafana-dashboards): Relayout for grafana 2
J. Wienke
04:43 PM Revision 0826be8c (host-monitor): Support 0.12 rsx for csra...
J. Wienke
04:25 PM Revision 138777bd (grafana-dashboards): Remove explicit datasource definition
J. Wienke
02:24 PM Revision 7c17a4e6 (grafana-dashboards): Remove shared tooltips
Usability seems to be bad. J. Wienke
02:20 PM Revision d2e8d969 (grafana-dashboards): Support new host monitoring features
* Many new plots
* Allow to graph multiple hosts at once
J. Wienke
02:05 PM Revision bf680344 (host-monitor): Prevent a name clash with the old C++ version
Rename the executable as long as we cannot resolve this clash. J. Wienke
02:05 PM Revision 65b3ba72 (host-monitor): Remove jiffy length debug output
J. Wienke
01:57 PM Revision 653b55b8 (db-adapter): Include network information
J. Wienke
11:10 AM Revision 6ae4106e (db-adapter): Include storage devices
J. Wienke
10:40 AM Revision d0347981 (db-adapter): Extract series name patterns into constants
J. Wienke


07:01 PM Revision dac42313 (db-adapter): Include disk partitions
J. Wienke
06:51 PM Revision 9917f4af (db-adapter): Provide a unified submit function for influxdb
J. Wienke
06:29 PM Revision 69a10254 (db-adapter): Unify _ProcesData and _HostData to copyable object
Remove duplication and make things more generic for further additions. J. Wienke
05:23 PM Revision 16f133af (db-adapter): Include user information if available
J. Wienke
04:51 PM Revision e089000a (db-adapter): Shield against missing optional host fields
J. Wienke
04:26 PM Revision f879cb9e (host-monitor): Add logged-in users monitoring
J. Wienke
04:26 PM Revision 42d2bef8 (host-monitor): Add network monitoring
J. Wienke
01:52 PM Revision 8f1406c6 (host-monitor): Include disk partition and device monitoring
J. Wienke
01:16 PM Revision 4b31c0db (host-monitor): Include the number of running processes
J. Wienke


06:41 PM Revision e019065c (host-monitor): Initial version replicating C++ functionality
J. Wienke

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