From 06/12/2016 to 07/11/2016


04:58 PM Feature #2597 (Resolved): Always print specification codes
This will help debugging version change issues. J. Wienke
04:18 PM Feature #2596 (Rejected): Make RSB event generation more dynamic
Do not use the same event for all executions of the @InformerAction@ (optionally) so that new use cases are possible:... J. Wienke
04:07 PM Bug #2595 (Rejected): Warn if current validation argument is not the most recent one
In the validate call do this. J. Wienke
03:47 PM Feature #2594 (Resolved): Generic environment setup
Allow to have a generic environment setup phase, where several or no programs at all will be tested to be more flexib... J. Wienke
03:46 PM Feature #2593 (Rejected): Program restart for different parameters or isolation
Allow to restart the program (with different parameter combinations) to:
* be able to control command line parameter...
J. Wienke
03:44 PM Feature #2592 (Rejected): Warm-Up Phase
Allow to add an optionally ignored warm-up phase, e.g. for caches. J. Wienke
01:26 PM Feature #2591 (Resolved): Data generator for RSB scopes
Possible parameters:
* fixed prefix
* number of components
* number of different values for each component
* len...
J. Moringen
11:18 AM Feature #2590 (Resolved): Make spread start optional
Sometimes this is just not required. J. Wienke
10:35 AM Feature #2589 (Resolved): Exponential Parameter ranges
@[ x**y for y in some-range ]@ J. Moringen


05:35 PM Revision b99f8664 (validation): set PYTHONPATH for unit tests
J. Wienke
05:28 PM Revision f52c8c3f (validation): Add a debug plotting analysis step
J. Wienke


04:56 PM Revision 7878a2f5 (validation): Convert check command to general analysis
Provide different analysis providers, one being the old check. J. Wienke
10:44 AM Revision cd6c4334 (validation): Add further constraints to StdDevCheck
Require at least some historic executions and some amount of data per
J. Wienke


02:56 PM Revision 87632725 (rsb-performance-test-api): Add process output redirection to files
J. Wienke
02:27 PM Revision 150da4fd (rsb-performance-test-api): Make the workspace configurable
Allow to configure the location of the workspace and whether it will be
deleted or not.
J. Wienke


03:02 PM Revision 7c4f0cf9 (examples): Adapt to WorkspaceFile API
J. Wienke
02:17 PM Revision 77feeff9 (rsb-performance-test-api): Provide a wrapper class for Files
This allows to track files inside the test workspace with their relative
names with hazzle.
J. Wienke


04:47 PM Revision 201aa1df (examples): Ensure that the tide file is copied only once
J. Wienke
04:43 PM Revision 9f263bb6 (rsb-performance-test-api): Utility method for loading files to exec dir
Adds a method to load a stream into a real file inside the test run's
temp directory so that the file can be used by ...
J. Wienke
04:36 PM Revision 274497fc (rsb-performance-test-api): Utility method for loading files to exec dir
Adds a method to load a stream into a real file inside the test run's
temp directory so that the file can be used by ...
J. Wienke
03:14 PM Revision 6eff7479 (examples): Replay-based test cases for legdetector
J. Wienke
03:13 PM Revision b1df7024 (examples): Update to recent API changes
* Updated config files
* Matching RSB dependency
J. Wienke
03:11 PM Revision 66f7b126 (rsb-performance-test-api): Update the eclipse project
J. Wienke
03:10 PM Revision e8443254 (rsb-performance-test-api): Allow to send files as parameters via RSB
Add custom converters for files to the reporting factory. Files cannot
be transfered in total, therefore sending out ...
J. Wienke
03:09 PM Revision a8c5f9ec (rsb-performance-test-api): Handle File instances in StaticParameters
Use file checksums to check for equality. J. Wienke
03:08 PM Revision e905c295 (rsb-performance-test-api): Add actions for rsbag replay
Allows to replay pre-recorded tide files at variable speeds. J. Wienke
03:07 PM Revision b9ddadef (rsb-performance-test-api): Pass RuntimeInformation into actions
Allow actions to access information about the test runtime and
specifically the test configuration as this enables to...
J. Wienke
03:05 PM Revision 5580fe83 (rsb-performance-test-api): Support process spawning without waiting
Make the wait time changeable in ProcessConfig and handle zero values
correctly in ProcessUtils.
J. Wienke
03:03 PM Revision 715ea6da (rsb-performance-test-api): Prevent config modifications during runtime
Adds a copy constructor to ProcessConfig and uses it in the test runner
to prevent that executing tests changes the c...
J. Wienke
02:59 PM Revision 83fd06fc (rsb-performance-test-api): Make TestRunner execute multiple test cases in sequ...
Since restarting the components between test cases is troublesome, this
is the only reasonable way to use multiple te...
J. Wienke
02:52 PM Revision c120a9af (validation): Add a rolling media to stddev check
This removes some outliers and makes the tests more stable. J. Wienke
02:51 PM Revision 63414f8b (validation): Generate valid file names
Strip invalid characters for file names J. Wienke
02:50 PM Revision 9855cbfe (validation): Preserve dtypes when loading parameters
J. Wienke
02:49 PM Revision f84d371e (validation): Support scatter plots with categorical variables
Use seaborn for generating such plots J. Wienke
12:48 PM Revision 4f6c1e93 (rsb-performance-test-api): Automatically include environment in processes
Always propagate the global environment to the configured processes and
remove the manual handling.
J. Wienke

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