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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
2623TasksRejectedNormalAllow parameters to be command line arguments of programsJ. Wienke07/25/2016 02:21 PMtest-api

2621TasksResolvedNormalMake TestCases plugins via annotationsJ. Wienke07/25/2016 12:21 PMtest-api

2620TasksResolvedNormalSpecify tests to execute via config fileJ. Wienke07/25/2016 12:21 PMtest-api

2541TasksRejectedNormalSupport for images / videos with parameterized contentJ. Wienke12/12/2018 03:10 PMtest-api

2540TasksResolvedNormalSend test status via RSBJ. Wienke05/09/2016 06:00 PM

2447TasksResolvedNormalDesign API to generate different payload sizesJ. Wienke05/06/2016 01:14 PM

2446TasksResolvedNormalInclude different payload sizes in the ObjectBuilder exampleH. Oestreich11/27/2015 11:16 AM

2415TasksResolvedNormalCreate appropriate Logging PartsH. Oestreich10/29/2015 02:52 PM

2414TasksResolvedNormalCreate loop phaseH. Oestreich10/23/2015 05:30 PM

2413TasksResolvedNormalMove examples to own git repoH. Oestreich10/23/2015 05:28 PM

2412TasksResolvedNormalExtract component tests in individual examplesH. Oestreich10/23/2015 05:33 PM

2411TasksResolvedNormalDesign test for facerec component from robocupH. Oestreich10/23/2015 05:36 PM

2407TasksResolvedNormalCreate Test Program which uses the APIH. Oestreich10/15/2015 05:53 PM

2405TasksResolvedNormalHow to formulate proceduresJ. Wienke05/06/2016 01:19 PM

2404TasksResolvedNormalDesign RPC Call InterfaceH. Oestreich12/11/2015 02:46 PM

2401TasksClosedNormalRelated work searchH. Oestreich10/15/2015 05:50 PM

2400TasksResolvedNormalGenerator API for a single RST typeH. Oestreich12/11/2015 02:49 PM

2399TasksResolvedNormalMaven project stubH. Oestreich10/02/2015 05:06 PM


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