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2679BugResolvedNormalErase RSB_* environment variables before startingJ. Wienke12/01/2016 04:55 PMtest-api

2664BugRejectedNormalProvide resource dir as variable in component configurationsJ. Wienke12/12/2018 03:10 PMtest-api

2663BugResolvedNormalRemove restriction for absolute resource directoryJ. Wienke09/16/2016 04:30 PMtest-api

2662FeatureResolvedNormalSeparate configuration file aspectsJ. Wienke09/16/2016 02:10 PMtest-api

2636BugResolvedNormalprocess monitor sometimes lives after the testJ. Wienke02/09/2017 10:50 AMtest-api

2635BugResolvedNormalBagAction resolvees FileResources to the workspaceJ. Wienke07/29/2016 10:27 AMtest-api

2634EnhancementRejectedNormalResource directory structure suboptimalJ. Wienke12/12/2018 03:10 PMtest-api

2633BugResolvedNormalWorkspaceFiles cannot be created when using config filesJ. Wienke07/28/2016 02:50 PMtest-api

2632EnhancementResolvedLowUse a real command line parser for runnerJ. Wienke07/27/2016 05:50 PMtest-api

2623TasksRejectedNormalAllow parameters to be command line arguments of programsJ. Wienke07/25/2016 02:21 PMtest-api

2622EnhancementResolvedNormalAllow to chose from several parameter sets via configJ. Wienke07/25/2016 01:20 PMtest-api

2621TasksResolvedNormalMake TestCases plugins via annotationsJ. Wienke07/25/2016 12:21 PMtest-api

2620TasksResolvedNormalSpecify tests to execute via config fileJ. Wienke07/25/2016 12:21 PMtest-api

2619BugResolvedNormalLast events missed during recordingJ. Wienke07/21/2016 12:50 PMtest-api

2618BugResolvedNormalException if the last phase end message was not receivedJ. Wienke07/21/2016 12:51 PMvalidation-script

2599EnhancementResolvedNormalBetter colors and legend for debug plotsJ. Wienke07/12/2016 03:56 PMvalidation-script

2598EnhancementResolvedNormalRemove date-based indexing of debug plotsJ. Wienke07/12/2016 03:56 PMvalidation-script

2597FeatureResolvedNormalAlways print specification codesJ. Wienke07/12/2016 12:49 PM

2596FeatureRejectedNormalMake RSB event generation more dynamicJ. Wienke12/12/2018 03:10 PMtest-api

2595BugRejectedNormalWarn if current validation argument is not the most recent oneJ. Wienke07/12/2016 03:57 PMvalidation-script

2594FeatureResolvedNormalGeneric environment setupJ. Wienke07/25/2016 02:20 PMtest-api

2593FeatureRejectedNormalProgram restart for different parameters or isolationJ. Wienke07/26/2016 12:11 PMtest-api

2592FeatureRejectedNormalWarm-Up PhaseJ. Wienke12/12/2018 03:10 PMtest-api

2591FeatureResolvedNormalData generator for RSB scopesJ. Wienke07/29/2016 06:21 PMtest-api

2590FeatureResolvedNormalMake spread start optionalJ. Wienke07/25/2016 02:20 PMtest-api

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