From 07/02/2011 to 07/31/2011


11:23 PM Revision cf85607b (rsb-xml-python): Initial import of RSB Python XML/XOP support
refs #461
* python/: initial pieces of XML/XOP support for Python
J. Moringen


08:07 PM Revision 6b55cdfc (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Create wait file in integrationtest/lisp/listener.lisp
refs #451
* integrationtest/lisp/listener.lisp: once the reader instance is
setup, create a "wait file" for the tes...
J. Moringen
08:01 PM Revision 4e343ecc (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Recompute options in integrationtest/lisp/{informer,...
refs #451
* integrationtest/lisp/informer.lisp: recompute RSB configuration
options when image is restarted
* integ...
J. Moringen
02:48 PM Revision 711903a9 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Added tests coordination script in integrationtest/test
refs #451
* integrationtest/test/ coordination script for
integration test
* integrationtest/tes...
J. Moringen
02:36 PM Revision 1f14359e (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Added RSB XML Java library to classpath
* integrationtest/java/CMakeLists.txt: configure RSB_JAVA_XML_LIBRARY
* integrationtest/java/ added valu...
J. Moringen
02:32 PM Revision 6d9d90c7 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Fixed paths in integrationtest/lisp/CMakeLists.txt
* integrationtest/lisp/CMakeLists.txt: fixed paths of lisp files by
J. Moringen
02:19 PM Revision 9cce55f6 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Renamed directory integration-test -> integrationtest
This way, it is like the RSB core. J. Moringen


03:41 AM Revision a96d30c2 (rsb-xml-cl): Added protocol buffer converter for xop in src/converter/xop.lisp
* src/converter/types.lisp: new file; contains some type
definitions used in the xop converter
* src/converter/xop....
J. Moringen
03:41 AM Revision 92f89c50 (rsb-xml-cl): Added writers for document and parts in src/xop/package1.lisp
* src/xop/package1.lisp (shared-initialize :after package1 t): use
writers for `package-document' and `package-part...
J. Moringen


12:45 PM Revision 05186c5a (rsb-xml-cl): Added initial xop module for XOP package support in src/xop/
* src/xop/types.lisp: new file; contains type definitions used in
the xop module
* src/xop/protocol.lisp: new file;...
J. Moringen
12:45 PM Revision df03a2cd (rsb-xml-cl): Fixed syntax error in src/xop/types.lisp
* src/xop/types.lisp (part-data): added missing quote J. Moringen
12:45 PM Revision 503c0e71 (rsb-xml-cl): initial import
refs #374 J. Moringen

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