From 10/19/2011 to 11/17/2011


04:52 PM Tasks #463: XML/XOP Support
Plan after a longer discussion:
* Create XOPData C++ object
* Provide a parsed Xerces DOM tree in this class + at...
J. Wienke


02:52 AM Revision 49acd494 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Removed artifact download functions in Lisp build me...
refs #669
* lisp/CMakeLists.txt: added options LISP_INIT_FILE and
LISP_INIT_CODE; inject into files generated from ...
J. Moringen


10:34 PM Revision 8db23f8c (rsb-xml-java): fixed dependency dir
S. Wrede
10:10 PM Revision e39f9181 (rsb-xml-java): fixed install path
S. Wrede
10:04 PM Revision f4e97b00 (rsb-xml-java): version bump
S. Wrede
08:14 PM Revision 994b2ec2 (rsb-xml-java): Changed names of JAR files in build.xml
This reflects the first half of the changes in r2937, refs #668
* build.xml: changed names RSBJava-XML*.jar -> rsb-xm...
J. Moringen


06:24 PM Revision 61d8e909 (rsb-xml-cl): Adapted payload-matches? in src/filter/xpath.lisp
* src/filter/xpath.lisp (payload-matches? xpath-filter document):
added &key &allow-other-keys parameters
J. Moringen

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