From 11/16/2011 to 12/15/2011


04:13 PM Revision 431bc740 (rsb-xml-cpp): Fixed RS? dependencies in CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt: added definition of RSTSANDBOX_EXPORT; configure RSB
and RST include directories
* src/XOPData.cp...
J. Moringen
03:30 PM Revision 5ec7c3c7 (rsb-xml-cpp): Coding style adaptations in all files
* bridge/CTUConverter.{h,cpp}: applied RSC coding style; use #pragma
once consistently; added copyright header
* sr...
J. Moringen
03:15 PM Tasks #463: XML/XOP Support
C++ XOPData, xerces and xmltio representations are available and a bit tested.
The cmake files need to be "beautifie...
M. Meier
03:11 PM Revision 2d6ba660 (rsb-xml-cpp): c++ XOPData object and additional xerces-c/xmltio docs.
xerces and xmltio are off by default because there
is currently no cmake find() stuff for the dependencies.
cross lan...
M. Meier


04:52 PM Tasks #463: XML/XOP Support
Plan after a longer discussion:
* Create XOPData C++ object
* Provide a parsed Xerces DOM tree in this class + at...
J. Wienke

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