From 07/28/2013 to 08/26/2013


05:15 PM Tasks #1587 (Resolved): Release version 0.9
J. Moringen
04:57 PM Revision 859d5983 (rsb-xml): Updated HEADs of submodules rsx-xml-{cl,cpp,integrationtest,java,pyt...
J. Moringen
04:56 PM Revision 11e9e0aa (rsb-xml): Added release script
* new file; script for semi-automatic releases of the
rsb-xml project family
J. Moringen
04:48 PM Revision 37697a9f (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Version bump to 0.10 in CMakeLists.txt
refs #1587
* CMakeLists.txt (VERSION_MINOR): changed 9 -> 10
J. Moringen
04:47 PM Revision 567295bb (rsb-xml-python): Version bump to 0.10 in
refs #1587
* (header): updated copyright
(setup): changed version keyword argument 0.9.0 -> 0.10.0
J. Moringen
04:46 PM Revision af436d61 (rsb-xml-java): Version bump to 0.10 in {build,pom}.xml
refs #1587
* build.xml (/project/property[@name="version"]/@value): changed 0.9.0
-> 0.10.0
* pom.xml (/project/ve...
J. Moringen
04:40 PM Revision d3b21f4f (rsb-xml-cpp): Version bump to 0.10
refs #1587
* CMakeLists.txt (VERSION_MINOR): changed 9 -> 10
J. Moringen
04:39 PM Revision e2db6bc0 (rsb-xml-cl): Version bump to 0.10 in rsb-xml.asd
refs #1587
* rsb-xml.asd (+version-minor+): changed value 9 -> 10
J. Moringen


05:34 PM Revision 42401ba1 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Use unique socket port for each test case in test/in...
* test/
(IntegrationTest.prepareTransportConfiguration): new method; prepare
environment variab...
J. Moringen
05:13 PM Tasks #1141 (Resolved): Change integration-test to use default transport
Applied in changeset rsb-xml-integrationtest|commit:5f2741d6b44b49f0955342c77806b99374e6bb4a. J. Moringen
05:12 PM Revision 4ec01ad4 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Improvements in test/
* test/ allow selecting tested implementations via
commandline; print some markers to make indiv...
J. Moringen
04:38 PM Revision 75c4229e (rsb-xml-python): Use setuptools-epydoc instead of using epydoc directly in set...
* (ApiDocCommand): removed; no longer necessary
(toplevel): in setup call, added setuptools-epydoc to setu...
J. Moringen
04:26 PM Revision 0c7eec3b (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Read RST proto directory from file in lisp/common.lisp
* lisp/common.lisp: read RST protocol buffer directory from a file
named build/lisp/rst-directory.sexp
J. Moringen
03:37 PM Revision 45bd33f4 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Changed tabs to spaces in lisp/*.lisp
* lisp/common.lisp: tabs to spaces
* lisp/informer.lisp: likewise
* lisp/listener.lisp: likewise
J. Moringen
03:37 PM Revision 4a4d00fa (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Fixed unused variable in cpp/informer.cpp
* cpp/informer.cpp (main): use factory variable when creating the
J. Moringen
03:32 PM Revision 5f2741d6 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Use TCP-socket transport instead of Spread transport
fixes #1141
* lisp/common.lisp (*test-uri*): changed URI scheme spread -> socket
* test/ (CommandS...
J. Moringen
03:31 PM Revision a5b096b4 (rsb-xml-python): Changed EpyDoc usage in
* use epydoc.cli module instead of calling EpyDoc as a
J. Moringen
02:58 PM Revision 4c9dcd21 (rsb-xml-python): Changed EpyDoc usage in
* use epydoc.cli module instead of calling EpyDoc as a
J. Jenkins


07:53 PM Revision 98688a3a (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Read XOP packages from files, comparison of document...
Informer programs assemble XOP packages from the document, meta-data
and attachment files in the data/package-* direc...
J. Moringen
07:53 PM Revision 01eba9c7 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): "Unscreamified" **/CMakeLists.txt, lisp/
* **/CMakeLists.txt: "unscreamified"
* lisp/ likewise
J. Moringen
07:53 PM Revision 99ab702a (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Adaptations to new API in cpp/{informer,listener}.cpp
* cpp/informer.cpp: use rsb::getFactory() instead of
* cpp/listener.cpp: likewise
J. Moringen
07:53 PM Revision dbb98624 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Shortened license headers in lisp/*.lisp
* lisp/common.lisp (header): shortened license
* lisp/informer.lisp (header): likewise
* lisp/listener.lisp (header):...
J. Moringen
03:29 PM Revision a4fb67ac (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Minor improvements in lisp/*
* lisp/common.lisp (header): updated copyright
use uninterned symbol syntax for *package forms
* lisp/informer.lisp...
J. Moringen
01:11 PM Revision 439df6ed (rsb-xml-integrationtest): cl-spread -> network.spread in lisp/common.lisp
* lisp/common.lisp: load system network.spread instead of cl-spread J. Moringen
01:09 PM Revision 635f53cc (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Removed unnecessary include and link directories in ...
* cpp/CMakeLists.txt: Removed unnecessary Boost include and link
directories; these are provided by the upstream pr...
J. Moringen
01:09 PM Revision dbd83a0f (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Updated ignore patterns in .gitignore
* .gitignore: prefix paths with "/"; added /results
* java/.gitignore: removed; unnecessary
J. Moringen
01:09 PM Revision 29cd3630 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Cosmetic changes in cpp/CMakeLists.txt
* cpp/CMakeLists.txt: cosmetic changes J. Moringen
01:09 PM Revision 1f3457a6 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Fixed directories of generated files in java/CMakeLi...
* java/CMakeLists.txt: all generated file go into build/, not src/ J. Moringen
11:15 AM Revision 6b26f6e6 (rsb-xml-python): Added /doc* to ignore patterns
* .gitignore: added /doc* J. Moringen
10:41 AM Revision 6eee56ae (rsb-xml-cpp): Simplified Attachment::as in src/XOP.h
* src/XOP.h (Attachment::as): simplified J. Moringen
10:40 AM Revision 8ad27207 (rsb-xml-cpp): Improved XOP::printContents in src/XOP.{h,cpp}
* src/XOP.{h,cpp} (header): updated copyright
(XOP::printContents): add const modifier to method; print slightly
J. Moringen
10:38 AM Revision 390a40a4 (rsb-xml-cpp): Fixed Attachment::getType in src/XOP.cpp
Attachment::getType() returned the cached data type string without
checking whether the cache was populated before.
J. Moringen


02:49 PM Revision 2136574b (rsb-xml-java): "Fixed" tests XOMXOPTest.test{XOMXOPString,SetDoc,GetDocumentAs...
* src/rsb/transport/ set transformer parameter to force a
standalone attribute in the XML declaration
* te...
J. Moringen
02:45 PM Revision 02a941e2 (rsb-xml-java): Cosmetic changes in src/rsb/converter/
* src/rsb/converter/ fixed indentation and a
unnecessarily nested conditional expression
J. Moringen


05:17 AM Revision e7461a2d (rsb-xml-python): Fixed test in test/
For some reason, the input string for the deserialization test was
* test/ (XOPConverterTest.testDe...
J. Moringen
04:47 AM Revision 8101cc17 (rsb-xml-java): Adaptations to changed API in rsb-java
* src/rsb/converter/ (XOPConverter.serialize):
ConverterSignatur.get{Datatype -> DataType}
* src/r...
J. Moringen
04:13 AM Revision 07f7f172 (rsb-xml-cl): Fixed indentation of format strings in **/*.lisp, rsb-xml.asd
* **/*.lisp: fixed indentation of format strings
* rsb-xml.asd: likewise
J. Moringen
04:12 AM Revision 1d341a65 (rsb-xml-cl): Changed tabs to spaces, semicolon style in **/*.lisp, rsb-xml.asd
* **/*.lisp: changed tabs to spaces; fixed semicolon style
* rsb-xml.asd: likewise
J. Moringen
03:45 AM Revision 57dfbc73 (rsb-xml-cl): Shortened license, updated copyright in **/*.lisp, rsb-xml.asd
* **/*.lisp (header): shortened license; updated copyright
* rsb-xml.asd: likewise
* CMakeLists.txt: likewise
J. Moringen


02:58 PM Revision 85c448af (rsb-xml-cl): "Unscreamified", cpack/{DebianUbuntu,CPackInclude}....
* unscreamified
* cpack/DebianUbuntu.cmake: likewise
* cpack/CPackInclude.cmake: likewise
J. Moringen
02:05 PM Revision 8c6e0d2b (rsb-xml-cl): Capture error output for "version" Lisp process in CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt: when running "version" Lisp process, capture error
output into version.{1,2}.err
J. Moringen
02:04 PM Revision fda5bd15 (rsb-xml-cl): Added LISP_{SOURCE_REGISTRY_ENTRIES,FASL_CACHE_DIR} in CMakeLists...
* CMakeLists.txt (LISP_SOURCE_REGISTRY_ENTRIES): new option; allows
injecting entries into the ASDF source registry...
J. Moringen
01:08 PM Revision f44dd45c (rsb-xml-cl): Allow git to describe "un-annotated" tags in CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt: call git describe with --tags to allow
"un-annotated" tags
J. Moringen


07:49 PM Tasks #1587 (In Progress): Release version 0.9
J. Moringen


11:11 AM Tasks #1587 (Resolved): Release version 0.9
J. Wienke


04:37 PM Revision c91418f4 (rsb-xml-java): better exception handling
L. Ziegler

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