From 03/31/2011 to 04/29/2011


11:16 PM Bug #265 (In Progress): Fix/Implement/Test InProcess Connectors
J. Moringen
02:47 PM Bug #265 (Resolved): Fix/Implement/Test InProcess Connectors
The InProcess connector has to be disabled to implement #255. In addition the following aspects are missing
* Unit t...
J. Moringen
10:38 PM Revision cee012da (rsb-cpp): missing export symbol for windows
J. Wienke
10:35 PM Tasks #268 (Resolved): Unify config parsing mechanism
The desired sequence of actions is:
* rsb::Factory constructor
*# reads config file and environment variable
J. Wienke
10:28 PM Tasks #260 (Resolved): Unified handling ParticipantConfiguration
J. Wienke
06:06 PM Tasks #260 (In Progress): Unified handling ParticipantConfiguration
J. Wienke
10:18 PM Revision 90c98bfc (rsb-cpp): Missing destructors and guarded deactivation for spread connectors
* src/rsb/transport/spread/InConnector.{h,cpp}: added destructor and
guarded deactivation
* src/rsb/transport/sprea...
J. Moringen
10:15 PM Revision cf089169 (rsb-cpp): Add PArticipantConfig to PArticipant class and provide methods to ov...
#refs 260 J. Wienke
09:35 PM Revision 4c8cb1db (rsb-cpp): add a changable default config for participant to rsb::Factory
refs #260 J. Wienke
09:08 PM Revision 1997fc26 (rsb-cpp): add comments to rsb::Factory
J. Wienke
09:02 PM Revision d63ef8af (rsb-cpp): Add key-value style options to transports and ParticipantConfig
refs #260 J. Wienke
08:09 PM Enhancement #51 (Rejected): Use port instances in Router constructor
J. Moringen
08:06 PM Enhancement #89 (Resolved): Evaluate RTTI / typeId for Simplifying Informer Interfaces
Applied in changeset r685. J. Moringen
05:53 PM Enhancement #89: Evaluate RTTI / typeId for Simplifying Informer Interfaces
Jan, didn't this already happen? J. Wienke
08:06 PM Revision 8233aa96 (rsb-cpp): RTTI-based default type name in Informer constructor
fixes #89
* src/rsb/Informer.h: use RTTI to compute default type name when
constructing Informer objects
J. Moringen
07:48 PM Enhancement #216 (Resolved): Externalize creation of transport objects in client-level code
J. Moringen
06:02 PM Enhancement #216: Externalize creation of transport objects in client-level code
We decided to orchestrate the creation of this objects and passing them to others in rsb::Factory.
Jan, this is pr...
J. Wienke
07:46 PM Revision ceab92b8 (rsb-cpp): RSB factory is now responsible for the creation of connectors
fixed #216
* src/rsb/Factory.{h,cpp}: when creating listeners and informers,
create connectors first, then pass the...
J. Moringen
06:58 PM Revision bbe68666 (rsb-cpp): a first ParticipantConfig class still without properties.
Therefore added comparison operators to QualityOfServiceSpec.
refs #260
J. Wienke
06:16 PM Tasks #261 (Resolved): Dynamic connector creation
Applied in changeset r682. J. Moringen
06:14 PM Revision 70bbe6ed (rsb-cpp): Consistently use strings to designate connector implementations
fixes #261
* src/rsb/Informer.h: connector implementations are now designated by
* src/rsb/Listener.{h,cpp}...
J. Moringen
06:12 PM Feature #197: Generate events for changes of channel participants
Ok, this will be handled by a naming service, which is planned but not yet discussed until the core is half stable. J. Wienke
06:05 PM Feature #197: Generate events for changes of channel participants
And I'd like an event when the participants change. I. Lütkebohle
06:04 PM Feature #197: Generate events for changes of channel participants
I want to know who the participants on the bus are. I. Lütkebohle
05:58 PM Feature #197: Generate events for changes of channel participants
I don't understand what you want to have. Do you need naming information about participants on the bus? J. Wienke
06:10 PM Feature #206: Provide additional pull-based model for receiving events without threading overhead...
Ok, I remember the discussion. J. Wienke
06:06 PM Feature #206: Provide additional pull-based model for receiving events without threading overhead...
To be clear, I'm not asking that this be functionality be removed entirely. I just want it to be optional. I. Lütkebohle
06:03 PM Feature #206: Provide additional pull-based model for receiving events without threading overhead...
Well, the "solution" is what I'm doing right now. It is certainly convenient to have framework support for that, but ... I. Lütkebohle
05:57 PM Feature #206: Provide additional pull-based model for receiving events without threading overhead...
The discussed solution is to have a special handler with an internal queue and then block on this handler.
Moving ...
J. Wienke
06:04 PM Tasks #223: Model implementation of Methods according to the domain model
We have decided on a version how to perform this. This is described in the domain model. Now a model for the implemen... J. Wienke
06:00 PM Feature #207 (Rejected): Publish operation should return RSBEvent
J. Wienke
05:56 PM Feature #194: Get ID from published data
When referencing an event, I need an id, which is created when RSBEvent is instantiated. publishData creates the RSBE... I. Lütkebohle
05:54 PM Feature #194: Get ID from published data
What is the use case for this? J. Wienke
05:56 PM Bug #205 (Resolved): Remove DispatchTask on the way to OrderedQueueDispatcherPool
Done since a long time. J. Wienke
05:53 PM Bug #135 (Rejected): boost::thread_resource_error thrown when creating subscribers
We never received this again. J. Wienke
05:51 PM Tasks #53 (Rejected): Think about scope subscriptions for spread
This has completely changed with the current model. J. Wienke
05:50 PM Tasks #255 (Resolved): Separate In and OutConnectors
Applied in changeset r681. J. Moringen
05:50 PM Feature #41: Implement Message Sequencing
Isn't this implemented now?? Why is the ticket still opened? J. Wienke
05:50 PM Revision 31744264 (rsb-cpp): In/Out separation for spread transport and Router; Disabled inproces...
fixes #255
* src/CMakeLists.txt: disabled inprocess connector; added
* src...
J. Moringen
05:50 PM Tasks #36 (Rejected): Convert Existing Tests to gTest
Most of the tests are either already ported or removed because they were completely out of date. J. Wienke
05:49 PM Tasks #257 (New): Remove Subscription
J. Wienke
05:04 PM Tasks #257 (In Progress): Remove Subscription
J. Wienke
04:11 PM Tasks #267 (Resolved): Fix (re)configuration of filters and handlers
* Remove (currently unused) FilterObservable
* Add add/removeFilter methods
* Add add/removeHandler methods
** Inc...
J. Moringen
04:05 PM Revision a16db269 (rsb-model): sequence diagrams for changing filter, changing handlers
J. Moringen
02:58 PM Enhancement #121 (Rejected): Duplicated URI und Subscriber and Subscription
subsumed by other issues J. Moringen
02:51 PM Tasks #266 (Resolved): For spread connector: implement event delivery according to hierarchical s...
* send notification to groups corresponding to all super-scopes of the event scope
* hash scope strings when produci...
J. Moringen
01:22 PM Enhancement #262 (Resolved): Rename Listener::appendHandler -> Listener::addHandler
Applied in changeset r679. J. Wienke
01:22 PM Revision 4dc9a1c1 (rsb-cpp): Rename appendHandler to addHandler
fixes #262 J. Wienke
01:10 PM Tasks #256 (Resolved): Move scope to Participant class
J. Wienke
12:20 PM Tasks #256 (In Progress): Move scope to Participant class
J. Wienke
12:31 PM Revision 5411bc3d (rsb-cpp): remove duplicated scope from listener and informer and move it to pa...
fixes #256 J. Wienke


01:20 AM Revision 0a10fa91 (rsb-cpp): more missing exports
J. Wienke
01:03 AM Revision b855ca9f (rsb-cpp): missing exports on windows
J. Wienke
01:00 AM Tasks #259 (Resolved): Create Scope class
J. Wienke
11:59 AM Tasks #259 (In Progress): Create Scope class
J. Wienke
12:59 AM Revision 7f9fdf4e (rsb-cpp): Use scope class instead of string-based uris.
fixes #259 J. Wienke
12:03 AM Revision b8f7bd0a (rsb-cpp): add a parameter to superScopes for including the current scope
refs #259 J. Wienke
11:58 PM Revision 1494835e (rsb-cpp): add a method to get all super scopes of a scope
refs #259 J. Wienke
11:41 PM Revision db1397a9 (rsb-cpp): missing test for a corner case in scope hierarchy comparisons
refs #259 J. Wienke
11:40 PM Revision b2587d65 (rsb-cpp): add methods to compare hierarchies of scopes
refs #259 J. Wienke
11:21 PM Revision d20d6172 (rsb-cpp): add a method to concatenate scopes
refs #259 J. Wienke
11:13 PM Revision aa238ac8 (rsb-cpp): add comparison operators to Scope class
refs #259 J. Wienke
08:57 PM Tasks #255 (In Progress): Separate In and OutConnectors
J. Moringen
08:52 PM Revision ec3a0a2c (rsb-cpp): Added InConnector and OutConnector as a first step to implement
refs #255
* src/rsb/transport/Connector.{h,cpp}: added classes InConnector and
OutConnector; moved methods and data...
J. Moringen
07:01 PM Revision 6bddabb0 (rsb-model): layout tweaks
J. Moringen
06:30 PM Revision 1ec48745 (rsb-model): sequence diagram for listener construction
J. Moringen
06:11 PM Revision 53a07a7e (rsb-model): quality of service in implementation view
J. Moringen
05:35 PM Tasks #264 (Resolved): Adapt handling of incomming events
* Create EventHandler interface
* Let EventReceivingStrategy implement this interface
* Use it ;)
J. Wienke
05:34 PM Tasks #263 (Resolved): Implement coherent dynamic behavior
According to [[Guarantees]] J. Wienke
05:08 PM Enhancement #262 (Resolved): Rename Listener::appendHandler -> Listener::addHandler
J. Moringen
04:14 PM Revision b9ea8682 (rsb-cpp): add a basic scope class
refs #259 J. Wienke
03:29 PM Revision 2a76a086 (rsb-integrationtest): Added missing include in RSBIntegrationTest/cpp/listener...
* RSBIntegrationTest/cpp/listener.cpp: added missing include
J. Moringen
03:20 PM Revision e37f0266 (rsb-cpp): Registration of transport implementation; switch to new factory infr...
refs #261
* src/CMakeLists.txt: added files src/rsb/transport/transports.{h,cpp}
* src/rsb/Factory.cpp: call register...
J. Moringen
03:07 PM Revision f9dea0c3 (rsb-cpp): Added RSC-based In/Out factories in src/rsb/transport/Factory.{h,cpp}
refs #261
* src/rsb/transport/Factory.{h,cpp}: added InFactory and OutFactory
based on rsc::patterns::Factory; move...
J. Moringen
02:58 PM Revision d21df8dc (rsb-cpp): Static constructor in src/rsb/transport/spread/SpreadConnector.{h,cpp}
refs #261
* src/rsb/transport/spread/SpreadConnection.{h,cpp}: added free
functions defaultHost, defaultPort; these...
J. Moringen
02:33 PM Revision 1f6fb3b2 (rsb-cpp): Static constructor in src/rsb/transport/inprocess/InProcessConnector...
* src/rsb/transport/inprocess/InProcessConnector.{h,cpp}: added static
construct method InProcessConnector::create ...
J. Moringen
02:10 PM Revision e4daa633 (rsb-cpp): Added missing include in src/rsb/patterns/RemoteServer.h
* src/rsb/patterns/RemoteServer.h: added missing include
J. Moringen
02:04 PM Revision aab0521f (rsb-cpp): Added missing include in examples/informer/sendFile.cpp
* examples/informer/sendFile.cpp: added missing include
J. Moringen
03:53 AM Tasks #261 (In Progress): Dynamic connector creation
J. Moringen


06:58 PM Revision 9e46f9d2 (rsb-model): in/out transport factories; implementation of transport factory
J. Moringen
06:56 PM Tasks #261 (Resolved): Dynamic connector creation
* Use rsc::patterns::Factory for transport::Factory
* split transport::Factory into InFactory and OutFactory
* Regi...
J. Wienke
06:46 PM Revision a79dd517 (rsb-model): added configuration of participants
J. Moringen
06:39 PM Tasks #260 (Resolved): Unified handling ParticipantConfiguration
Collect all aspects of participant configuration in one class ParticipantConfiguration and ensure that configuration ... J. Wienke
05:43 PM Revision 60c2a3b9 (rsb-model): add service, scope to implementation; rectified subscription/handl...
J. Moringen
05:39 PM Tasks #259 (Resolved): Create Scope class
Replace every string scope with a class that maintains a list of scope components + various utility methods:
* conca...
J. Wienke
05:15 PM Tasks #258 (Resolved): Integrate Service idea
* Create Service interface (in rsb namespace)
** Add getScope method
** Add a methods to add and remove participant...
J. Wienke
04:55 PM Tasks #257 (Resolved): Remove Subscription
* Add a list (conjunction) of filters to listener (desired filtering strategy)
** add addFilter and remove...
J. Wienke
04:43 PM Tasks #256 (Resolved): Move scope to Participant class
Every participant has one scope, make this clear.
* Maintain scope ONLY in Participant.
* Remove uri from Listener
J. Wienke


10:21 PM Revision f601ff8c (rsb-cpp): * missing credits
* fix indentation
* correct eclipse project with code style
J. Wienke
09:50 PM Revision 317dba74 (rsb-cpp): also test the void converter
J. Wienke
09:46 PM Revision 20e9f10c (rsb-cpp): add some test for default converters
J. Wienke
08:31 PM Revision 53428b8e (rsb-cpp): remove a lot of abandoned code that is completely out of date
J. Wienke
01:21 PM Revision ccd7bcf5 (rsb-model): separated in and out rotes
J. Wienke
01:17 PM Tasks #255 (Resolved): Separate In and OutConnectors
Separate the Connector interface to InConnector for receiving events and OutConnector for sending messages. Let trans... J. Wienke
01:01 PM Tasks #254 (Resolved): Separation of in and out routes in eventprocessing
Separate input and output routes in the eventprocessing layer. Therefore:
* Create an OutRouteConfigurator class for...
J. Wienke


12:46 AM Revision c523868a (rsb-cpp): fix shutdown. ensure that threads are stopped properly
J. Wienke
11:24 PM Revision afd00b3b (rsb-cpp): we need to stop the dispatcher pool
J. Wienke


02:20 PM Revision 52769dd0 (rsb-cpp): switch to version 1.6 of gmock and gtest and avoid one useless svn:e...
J. Wienke
10:16 AM Tasks #244 (Resolved): Adapt Subscription and Handler
J. Moringen
10:14 AM Tasks #246 (Resolved): Turn EventProcessingStrategy into an Interface
J. Moringen
09:56 AM Revision 6f43009a (rsb-cpp): Turned EventProcessingStrategy into an interface as described in
refs #246
* c++/core/src/rsb/eventprocessing/EventProcessingStrategy.{h,cpp}:
turned into abstract class; implement...
J. Moringen


04:17 PM Revision c3e3caf3 (rsb-cpp): quick hack for unregistering in EventProcessingStrategy
J. Wienke
03:57 PM Revision 5ec39b87 (rsb-cpp): Re-enable old DataHandler
J. Wienke
03:49 PM Revision f3627de2 (rsb-cpp): fix indentation
J. Wienke
03:47 PM Revision 37187588 (rsb-cpp): fix indentation
J. Wienke
03:46 PM Revision b18824db (rsb-cpp): fix indentation
J. Wienke
03:45 PM Revision cd03440b (rsb-cpp): fix indentation
J. Wienke
01:35 PM Revision 66ef2693 (rsb-cpp): fix indentation
J. Wienke
12:29 PM Revision 3076c23b (rsb-cpp): backport fix for missing svn working copy from RSC, #253
J. Wienke


12:09 PM Revision 284a18d1 (rsb-cpp): try to compile on windows
J. Wienke
09:54 AM Revision a00b136e (rsb-cpp): explicit constructors for the win
J. Wienke


06:26 PM Revision 45bbcd86 (rsb-cpp): fix compilation, UUID is automatically generated
J. Wienke


01:31 AM Revision d296ee85 (rsb-model): update to (mostly) conform to current C++ implementation
J. Moringen
01:22 AM Tasks #246 (In Progress): Turn EventProcessingStrategy into an Interface
J. Moringen
12:54 AM Revision 19b35e13 (rsb-integrationtest): Hopefully fixed bind usage in RSBIntegrationTest/cpp/lis...
* RSBIntegrationTest/cpp/listener.cpp: tried to fix Boost.Bind usage J. Moringen
12:52 AM Revision 3f06ac66 (rsb-integrationtest): Fixed a typo in RSBIntegrationTest/cpp/listener.cpp
* RSBIntegrationTest/cpp/listener.cpp: fixed typo J. Moringen
12:50 AM Revision 5babdeab (rsb-integrationtest): Adapted RSBIntegrationTest/cpp/listener.cpp to changed c...
* RSBIntegrationTest/cpp/listener.cpp: adapted to changes in client
J. Moringen
12:42 AM Revision d0913155 (rsb-cpp): Refactored Handler/Action and Listener/Subscription as described in
refs #244
* c++/core/src/CMakeLists.txt: removed c++/core/src/rsb/Action.h
* c++/core/src/rsb/Handler.{h,cpp}: unifie...
J. Moringen
12:32 AM Revision 3a97be5a (rsb-cpp): Simplified/Corrected c++/core/examples/doublecheck.cpp
* c++/core/examples/doublecheck.cpp: do specify data type explicitly
when constructing Informer
J. Moringen
12:15 AM Revision b0b23237 (rsb-cpp): Simplified/Corrected c++/core/examples/informer/informer.cpp
* c++/core/examples/informer/informer.cpp: do specify data type
explicitly when constructing Informer
J. Moringen


01:01 AM Revision 8159d1fb (rsb-cpp): Fixed namespace in c++/core/src/rsb/converter/ProtocolBufferConverter.h
* c++/core/src/rsb/converter/ProtocolBufferConverter.h: fixed
namespace of base class Converter
J. Moringen
01:00 AM Tasks #244 (In Progress): Adapt Subscription and Handler
J. Moringen
01:56 PM Tasks #244 (Resolved): Adapt Subscription and Handler
* Create a real Action Interface (currently called Handler)
* Associate one Subscription with with each Listener
J. Wienke
11:51 PM Tasks #246 (Resolved): Turn EventProcessingStrategy into an Interface
* Turn EventProcessingStrategy into an Interface
* Move current behavior into a ParallelEventProcessingStrategy or s...
J. Moringen
10:11 PM Tasks #245 (Resolved): Introduce Participant base class
J. Moringen
01:58 PM Tasks #245 (Resolved): Introduce Participant base class
Let Informer and Listener inherit from this class. J. Wienke
10:09 PM Revision 8ea2d3fa (rsb-cpp): Fixed installation of c++/core/rsb/converter/Converter.h
* c++/core/src/CMakeLists.txt: added
c++/core/rsb/converter/Converter.h; it was not getting installed
J. Moringen
09:42 PM Revision 6d56413a (rsb-cpp): Added missing include in c++/core/src/rsb/Listener.h
* c++/core/src/rsb/Listener.h: added missing include Participant.h J. Moringen
09:39 PM Revision e3df9eaf (rsb-cpp): Fixed path to rsbexports.h in c++/core/src/rsb/Participant.h
* c++/core/src/rsb/Participant.h: fixed path to rsbexports.h J. Moringen
09:32 PM Revision 3d28825f (rsb-cpp): Added Participant class in c++/core/src/rsb/Participant.{h,cpp}
refs #245
* c++/core/src/rsb/Participant.{h,cpp}: new files; Participant header
and implementation
* c++/core/src/r...
J. Moringen
08:48 PM Tasks #242 (Resolved): namespace modifications
Finally.... what a merging hack. J. Wienke
06:09 PM Tasks #242 (In Progress): namespace modifications
J. Wienke
08:40 PM Revision 8e6ebeb8 (rsb-cpp): next try to merge this
J. Wienke
08:36 PM Revision f91499c7 (rsb-cpp): next try
J. Wienke
08:33 PM Revision 1fdde02d (rsb-cpp): try to resolve all this funky stuff
J. Wienke
08:12 PM Revision 0e3a559f (rsb-integrationtest): Adapted C++ part of RSBIntegrationTest to changes in RSB...
* RSBIntegrationTest/cpp/informer.cpp: adapted to changes in Factory
and Informer API
* RSBIntegrationTest/cpp/list...
J. Moringen
07:45 PM Revision 3c0261a7 (rsb-cpp): Fixed path to rsbexports.h in eventprocessing/EventProcessingStrategy.h
* c++/core/src/rsb/eventprocessing/EventProcessingStrategy.h:
hopefully fixed path to rsbexports.h
J. Moringen
06:38 PM Revision 4f773245 (rsb-cpp): Removed accidentally added test from c++/core/test/CMakeLists.txt
* c++/core/test/CMakeLists.txt: removed accidentally added test file
J. Moringen
06:21 PM Revision 55f9af15 (rsb-cpp): Renaming of EventProcessingStrategy according to
refs #242
* c++/core/src/rsb/eventprocessing/EventProcessingStrategy.{cpp, h}:
moved here from c++/cor/src/rsb; cha...
J. Moringen
05:50 PM Enhancement #226 (In Progress): Create language mapping table in wiki
Initial draft is at [[Types]] J. Moringen
05:11 PM Tasks #241 (Resolved): Renaming of core classes
J. Wienke
03:33 PM Tasks #241: Renaming of core classes
subscriber -> listenre r596 J. Wienke
02:49 PM Tasks #241 (In Progress): Renaming of core classes
J. Wienke
05:10 PM Revision f244bfe6 (rsb-cpp): ConverterCollection -> Repository
#refs 241 J. Wienke
05:05 PM Revision b25b7657 (rsb-cpp): AbstractFilter -> Filter
#refs 241 J. Wienke
05:01 PM Revision ed421a3c (rsb-cpp): AbstractConverter -> Converter
#refs 241 J. Wienke
04:50 PM Revision 50541d02 (rsb-cpp): EventProcessor -> EventProcessingStrategy
#refs 241 J. Wienke
04:43 PM Revision d1257cb6 (rsb-cpp): Port -> Connector
refs #241 J. Wienke
04:28 PM Revision 6bb57caa (rsb-cpp): TransportFactory -> Factory
#refs 241 J. Wienke
04:24 PM Revision 1fbc476d (rsb-cpp): RSBVersion -> Version
refs #241 J. Wienke
04:21 PM Revision 87801818 (rsb-cpp): RSBException -> Exception
refs #241 J. Wienke
04:11 PM Revision e50769c1 (rsb-cpp): RSBFactory -> Factory
refs #241 J. Wienke
04:06 PM Revision 41e2b0c7 (rsb-cpp): RSBEvent -> Event
#refs 241 J. Wienke
03:53 PM Revision 39d7b2df (rsb-cpp): publisher -> informer
refs #241 J. Wienke
03:32 PM Revision e100350d (rsb-cpp): rename subscriber -> listener
refs #239 J. Wienke
02:00 PM Revision fb25fe87 (rsb-model): further adaptions to domain model
J. Wienke
01:32 PM Revision 0a83d64c (rsb-integrationtest): fix integration test because of rsb factory changes
J. Wienke
12:18 PM Tasks #239 (Resolved): Convert RSBFactory to Singleton
J. Wienke
12:17 PM Revision 6bb102b7 (rsb-cpp): Transform RSBFactory into real singleton.
fixes #239 J. Wienke


07:24 PM Revision 67f96b5a (rsb-model): updated
J. Moringen
06:27 PM Tasks #243 (Resolved): Improved converter selection
h2. Note
It has been decided that the implementation of this proposal will be delayed until
# Representation and ...
J. Wienke
06:20 PM Tasks #242 (Resolved): namespace modifications
* create eventprocessing namespace
** move EventProcessingStrategy here
** move Router here
* move converter names...
J. Wienke
06:09 PM Tasks #241 (Resolved): Renaming of core classes
* Subscriber -> Listener
* Publisher -> Informer
* RSBEvent -> Event
* RSBFactory -> Factory
* RSBException -> Ex...
J. Wienke
05:55 PM Tasks #240 (Resolved): Refactor C++ Implementation to 2011-04-13 Domain Model
J. Moringen
05:51 PM Revision b8189683 (rsb-model): added initial implementation model
J. Moringen
05:13 PM Tasks #239 (Resolved): Convert RSBFactory to Singleton
J. Moringen
05:02 PM Bug #235 (Resolved): Protocol files need to be a shared library
J. Wienke
03:21 PM Revision 37853100 (rsb-java): fix layouy of build file
J. Wienke
12:28 PM Revision 6db01ee6 (rsb-model): missing id for Participant
J. Wienke
12:22 PM Revision 67472cdb (rsb-model): updated version from discussion
J. Wienke


04:48 PM Revision a57ad02c (rsb-model): better layout
J. Wienke
04:44 PM Revision c6de6131 (rsb-model): more or less final domain model
J. Wienke
03:08 PM Revision 77689814 (rsb-cpp): some more exception unification
J. Wienke
02:54 PM Revision cd99fc6c (rsb-cpp): unify exception types
J. Wienke


05:26 PM Revision fe2b26b0 (rsb-model): first model
J. Wienke


10:16 PM Revision 07f23744 (rsb-cpp): some style fixes
J. Wienke
10:02 PM Revision 8fc51b4e (rsb-cpp): convert include guards to #pragma once
J. Wienke
07:20 PM Revision 75edc763 (rsb-cpp): use simplified cppcheck call
J. Wienke
05:19 PM Revision e1c2a469 (rsb-cpp): integrate sloccount target
J. Wienke
04:14 PM Revision 1497d676 (rsb-cpp): use RSB_TYPE_TAG in converters
J. Wienke
04:13 PM Revision 9a3def8c (rsb-cpp): Fix code style
J. Wienke


12:45 AM Revision 560a5cca (rsb-cpp): * fix converters to return data Type in deserialize
J. Wienke
12:38 AM Revision f950c705 (rsb-cpp): fix indentation
J. Wienke
12:28 AM Revision 2a15d760 (rsb-cpp): add a macro to avoid using the reinterpret_cast directly
J. Wienke
10:56 PM Revision a34395ae (rsb-cpp): Missing namespace ins rc/rsb/transport/converter/Uint64Converter.cpp
* src/rsb/transport/converter/Uint64Converter.cpp: added missing boost
namespace to uint64_t
J. Moringen
10:47 PM Revision 5f68326d (rsb-cpp): Workaround for MSVC in src/rsb/patterns/Server.h
* src/rsb/patterns/Server.h: don't use template version of typeid due
to strange behavior of MSVC compiler
J. Moringen
10:35 PM Revision cfe5bfa6 (rsb-cpp): missing documentation and indentation fixes
J. Wienke
10:25 PM Revision 4fdef245 (rsb-cpp): some more minor style fiyes
J. Wienke
10:24 PM Revision d6e9bf1e (rsb-cpp): * remove compiler warning
* fix indentation J. Wienke
10:18 PM Revision 429b1e02 (rsb-cpp): Nomenclature in src/rsb/transport/converter/Uint64Converter.{h,cpp}
* src/rsb/transport/converter/Uint64Converter.cpp: nomenclature fix
wire type -> wire schema; use rtti for data typ...
J. Moringen
10:12 PM Revision f8a71c32 (rsb-cpp): Infer request/reply types in src/rsb/patterns/Server.h
* src/rsb/patterns/Server.h: request and reply type names default to
rtti-inferred names
J. Moringen
10:11 PM Revision 0a429f77 (rsb-cpp): the task has gone
J. Wienke
09:47 PM Revision 8be67382 (rsb-cpp): Fixed a misconception in src/rsb/transport/converter/*Converter.cpp
* src/rsb/transport/converter/BoolConverter.cpp: in serialize,
AnnotatedData.first has to agree with the data type,...
J. Moringen
09:31 PM Revision beb515fb (rsb-integrationtest): Do not specify datatype name explicitly in cpp/informer.cpp
* cpp/informer.cpp: do not specify datatype name explicitly J. Moringen
09:00 PM Revision 5251c0a1 (rsb-cpp): Nomenclature in src/rsb/transport/converter/{String,Bool}Converter.{...
* src/rsb/transport/converter/BoolConverter.cpp: nomenclature fix wire
type -> wire schema; use rtti for data type ...
J. Moringen
08:55 PM Revision 80962e01 (rsb-cpp): Fixed constructor in src/rsb/transport/AbstractConverter.h
* src/rsb/transport/AbstractConverter.h: template constructor has to
take a dummy parameter for type inference; it ...
J. Moringen
03:56 PM Revision 97b1c05a (rsb-cpp): use const refs where possible
J. Wienke
01:09 PM Revision 4a5708b4 (rsb-cpp): fix a lot of code warnings
J. Wienke
11:51 AM Revision ad11f112 (rsb-cpp): fix warnings
J. Wienke
11:51 AM Revision d46f0a62 (rsb-protocol): we can use unsigned integers for counting data parts
J. Wienke
11:38 AM Bug #235 (Resolved): Protocol files need to be a shared library
Otherwise it can happen that they are compiled several times in the same binary in the end, which the protocol buffer... J. Wienke


05:09 PM Enhancement #89: Evaluate RTTI / typeId for Simplifying Informer Interfaces
With the new distinction between wire type and wire schema this is now easily possible, because determining a convert... J. Wienke
05:05 PM Enhancement #204 (Resolved): Remove DispatchTask on the way to OrderedQueueDispatcherPool
J. Wienke
04:28 PM Enhancement #204 (In Progress): Remove DispatchTask on the way to OrderedQueueDispatcherPool
J. Wienke
05:04 PM Revision 88d54127 (rsb-python): remove QueueAnddispatchTask
refs #204 J. Wienke
04:51 PM Revision 5c6cabea (rsb-cpp): removed QueueAnddispatchTask to abvoid useless threading.
refs #204 J. Wienke
04:16 PM Enhancement #142 (Resolved): Improve RSBVersion
J. Wienke
03:38 PM Enhancement #142 (In Progress): Improve RSBVersion
J. Wienke
04:10 PM Revision f3a0a2e5 (rsb-cpp): Provide a better implementation of the version and a command line ut...
fixes #142 J. Wienke


09:22 PM Revision 85adbb07 (rsb-cpp): debug output for jenkins
J. Wienke
07:36 PM Revision 6a29fddf (rsb-protocol): config file specifies proto files relative to it's install loca...
J. Wienke
07:29 PM Revision 474dee4a (rsb-protocol): missing newline at EOF
J. Wienke
07:28 PM Revision 54c8d400 (rsb-protocol): missing newline at EOF
J. Wienke
04:18 PM Revision 06cb4986 (rsb-cpp): fix indentation
J. Wienke

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