From 05/20/2014 to 06/18/2014


03:08 PM Revision 406739ed (rsb-cl): Pretend language-agnostic project in CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt: in call to project function, specify special language
NONE to mark project as language-agnostic; ...
J. Moringen
01:05 PM Revision f372da3e (rsb-cl): Cosmetic changes and slight simplifications in src/{event-processing,...
* src/event-processing/client.lisp (header): fixed one-line summary
* src/event-processing/pull-processor.lisp (heade...
J. Moringen
12:56 PM Revision 8b717d66 (rsb-cl): Simplification in call-with-participant-creation-restarts in src/part...
* src/participant.lisp (call-with-participant-creation-restarts): TODO
J. Moringen
12:56 PM Revision 26b0569b (rsb-cl): Fixed scopes in test/{,patterns/request-reply/}macros.lisp
* test/patterns/request-reply/macros.lisp
(test macros-root::with-local-server/error-policy): use distinct
J. Moringen
11:44 AM Revision b18dd3d0 (rsb-python): Added support for process start time in rsb/introspection/__init_...
will ref #1823
* rsb/introspection/ (__processStartTime): new variable;
caches value of processStartTim...
J. Moringen
11:44 AM Revision ce2cfff1 (rsb-python): TODO Participant kind stuff
J. Moringen
11:44 AM Revision feb8c725 (rsb-python): Hackish transmission of type information in rsb/introspection/__i...
* rsb/introspection/ (IntrospectionSender.addParticipant):
if possible, add a hackish representation of ...
J. Moringen
11:44 AM Revision d9b45a0f (rsb-python): Support hierarchies of participants in rsb/**/*.py
will fix #1828
A parent participant can now be specified when a new participant is
created. The request-reply module...
J. Moringen
11:44 AM Revision 36452395 (rsb-python): Unit tests for introspection in test/
will ref #1743
* test/ new file; contains unit tests for
introspection functionality
* test/_...
J. Moringen
11:44 AM Revision d812c6b8 (rsb-python): Initial import of introspection module in rsb/introspection/__ini...
will ref #1743
* rsb/ (createParticipant): when config.introspection is
True, load introspection module...
J. Moringen
11:44 AM Revision 931f3926 (rsb-python): Added participant creation and destruction hooks in rsb/
will fix #1739
Hooks are collections of callback functions that are called in specific
situations. This commit adds ...
J. Moringen
11:44 AM Revision 92ee7870 (rsb-python): Introspection configuration option in rsb/
will ref #1734
* rsb/ (header): updated copyright
(ParticipantConfig): extended documentation string
J. Moringen


04:10 PM Revision f3b9530c (rsb-java): Force a specific version of protobuf in pom.xml
Ensure that the correct version of protobuf is used all the time since
no API compatibility is preserved by protobuf ...
J. Wienke


01:25 AM Revision 1911543c (rsb-java): partial commit - added test case for send bye and checked few condi...
S. Sharma


05:53 PM Revision ecf0a4ef (rsb-java): updated
S. Sharma
01:26 PM Revision 923b2c85 (rsb-java): updated test cases and minor bug fixes
S. Sharma


06:37 PM Revision d1ab4580 (rsb-java): changed toString method to allow for unintialized IDs
S. Wrede
06:37 PM Revision adab2815 (rsb-java): fixes to the introspection code and corresponding tests
S. Wrede


10:31 AM Revision a78aaf9e (rsb-java): added registration of converters for introspection data types
S. Wrede
10:20 AM Revision dfdff019 (rsb-java): bug fixing for test cases
S. Sharma


01:15 PM Revision 4abb4baa (rsb-java): minor additions to test cases
S. Sharma
12:55 PM Revision 33719e65 (rsb-java): minor additions to test cases
S. Sharma


06:13 PM Revision f864cc6a (rsb-java): cleaned up a bit the test case
S. Wrede
05:41 PM Revision cad9857d (rsb-java): updated for introspection java
S. Sharma


07:06 PM RSBag Revision b6827ac2 (rsbag-tools-cl): Indicate readiness of remote interface via event in bag-recor...
* bag-record/main.lisp (invoke-with-control-service): send an event to
indicate readiness of the remote control int...
J. Moringen


09:25 PM RSBag Revision 92ab0284 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
09:09 PM RSBag Revision 0d23716c (rsbag-manual): Added section for RSBag 0.11 in news.rst
* news.rst (RSBag 0.11): new section; initial information and change
list for version 0.11
J. Moringen
09:04 PM RSBag Revision a0d82564 (rsbag-manual): Adapted description of remote interface in bag-record.rst
refs #1885
* bag-record.rst: added description of added "open" and "close" method;
adapted description of existing...
J. Moringen
09:04 PM RSBag Revision c0089e3f (rsbag-manual): Minor markup improvements in bag-record.rst
* bag-record.rst: minor markup improvements J. Moringen
06:31 PM RSBag Revision 6d729c18 (rsbag-tools-cl): Add switching bag files to remote control interface in bag-re...
fixes #1885
* bag-record/main.lisp (header): updated copyright
(invoke-with-control-service): added parameter for ...
J. Moringen
06:25 PM Revision 8295da9d (rsb-java): updated
S. Sharma

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