From 07/29/2014 to 08/27/2014


05:05 PM Revision d0c74814 (rsb-java): call of portable and native methods in configration + minor fixes
S. Sharma
12:23 PM Feature #1742: Implement introspection event sender
Portable as well as default(native) version of introspection sender seem to be working now.I will get it verified by ... S. Sharma
11:44 AM Revision fcd73a5c (rsb-java): minor fixes after integration with architechture
S. Sharma


01:50 PM Revision 2ba98538 (rsb-cl): Support method named nil src/patterns/request-reply/*.lisp
For `local-server' instances, the method named nil receives all method
calls performed on the server (as it does not ...
J. Moringen
01:46 PM Revision 2d9934c4 (rsb-cl): Better tests for patterns.request-reply module in test/patterns/reque...
* src/patterns/request-reply/server.lisp
(make-participant-using-class class server scope): signal an error if
J. Moringen
12:17 PM Revision e375c51d (rsb-java): added IntrospectionObserver to connect the factory with the
Introspection mechanism
added user level API test
S. Wrede
10:44 AM Revision 846e01cb (rsb-java): Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature-introspection-architec...
into feature-introspection
S. Wrede
08:52 AM Revision 7aaae7da (rsb-cl): Fix error signaling in make-participant, again, in src/protocol.lisp
Follow-up fix for 1c1a131.
One problem was that depth was incremented too early making some errors
appear to belong ...
J. Moringen
08:52 AM Revision 91a73720 (rsb-cl): Use make-participant in define-lazy-creation-method in src/patterns/r...
* src/patterns/request-reply/server.lisp (define-lazy-creation-method):
use `make-participant' instead of figuring ...
J. Moringen


02:16 PM RSBag Enhancement #1961 (Resolved): Preserve original send times
Since sending events through RSB always creates new send times, there should be a way to preserve the original send t... J. Wienke


05:48 AM Revision ab6a69ae (rsb-tools-cl): Signal progress conditions while loading IDLs in common/idl-loa...
* common/idl-loading.lisp (load-idl list t): signal progress conditions
while loading IDL files
J. Moringen
05:48 AM Revision 5f0e4c4c (rsb-tools-cl): Added purpose parameter in process-idl-options in common/idl-op...
* common/idl-options.lisp (process-idl-options): added keyword parameter
purpose; pass to `load-idl'
J. Moringen
05:48 AM Revision 47e31415 (rsb-tools-cl): Slot documentation strings for queue-overflow-error in logger/m...
* logger/main.lisp (queue-overflow-error::capacity): added documentation
(queue-overflow-error::count): li...
J. Moringen
05:48 AM Revision a5b52455 (rsb-tools-cl): Simplified and improved load-idl in common/idl-loading.lisp
* common/idl-loading.lisp (load-idl t t): cosmetic change
(load-idl pathname eql :file): likewise
(load-idl pathn...
J. Moringen
05:48 AM Revision 4858b362 (rsb-tools-cl): Apply error-policy during IDL loading in logger/main.lisp
* logger/main.lisp (main): ensure print-limits, logging of warnings and
the specified error-policy are in effect wh...
J. Moringen


06:55 PM Revision adf078f1 (rsb-java): updated native methods and minor debugging
S. Sharma
04:54 PM Revision 0c2719ac (rsb-manual): Mention logger's :sort-{column,reverse?} parameters in news.rst
* news.rst (0.11): mention :sort-column and :sort-reverse? parameters
which are now accepted by the logger's monito...
J. Moringen
03:45 PM Revision 1bc5997b (rsb-tools-cl): Configurable column sorting in formatting/event-style-monitor.lisp
* formatting/protocol.lisp (value<): new generic function; compare
values for sorting
(column<): new generic func...
J. Moringen
03:31 PM Revision f281f69a (rsb-tools-cl): Column width tweaks in formatting/{columns,event-style-monitor}...
* formatting/columns.lisp (*basic-columns*): added entry :rate/9
* formatting/event-style-monitor.lisp
J. Moringen


12:46 PM Tasks #1946 (Resolved): Refactor 'send' method of informer to 'publish'
I suggest refactoring the 'send' methods to 'publish' in the java and common-lisp implementations of the informer to ... Anonymous


09:30 PM Revision 1c1a1319 (rsb-cl): Fixed error signaling in make-participant in src/protocol.lisp
Fixed chaining of `participant-creation-error' conditions in case of
recursive `make-participant' calls.
Moved some ...
J. Moringen
08:23 PM Revision 6aaead45 (rsb-tools-cl): Declare C project nature in CMakeLists.txt
Specify programming language "C" to find C compiler which enables CLON
to build its stream-line-width determination f...
J. Moringen
07:20 PM Revision 0aa24eb8 (rsb-cl): Fixed error signaling in make-participant in src/protocol.lisp
Fixed chaining of `participant-creation-error' conditions in case of
recursive `make-participant' calls.
Moved some ...
J. Moringen
07:16 PM Revision 76b346c6 (rsb-cl): Processing of *make-participant-hook* return values in src/protocol.lisp
refs #1738
Do not treat the hook invocation returning nil as an error but as a
request to use the constructed partic...
J. Moringen
05:11 AM Revision fc69c240 (rsb-cl): Fixed printing of transport options in src/conditions.lisp
* src/conditions.lisp (maybe-print-transport-configuration): do not
print a transport options section if there are ...
J. Moringen
05:11 AM Revision 9361c2de (rsb-cl): Moved define-participant-*method[s] macros to compat.lisp
* src/participant.lisp (define-participant-creation-uri-methods):
removed; moved to src/compat.lisp
J. Moringen
05:10 AM Revision 4961da1c (rsb-cl): Adapted default configuration in src/variables.lisp
The default configuration is now more in line with what the other
implementations do.
* src/variables (*default-conf...
J. Moringen


06:49 PM Revision 21daae9b (rsb-java): updated
S. Sharma
03:20 AM Revision 6336e16d (rsb-cl): Fix instance (re)initialization in src/transport/socket/bus-connectio...
* src/transport/socket/bus-connection.lisp
(initialize-instance :after bus-connection): new method; take care of
J. Moringen
03:04 AM Revision 7c4c10f4 (rsb-cl): Fix unused variables in test/transport/socket/bus.lisp
* test/transport/socket/bus.lisp
(transport-socket-bus-root::incompatible-options): ignore unused
participant var...
J. Moringen
03:02 AM Revision 21317b66 (rsb-cl): Cleanup participants created in tests in test/package.lisp
* test/package.lisp (define-basic-participant-test-cases): try to detach
created participants with `detach/ignore-e...
J. Moringen


05:11 AM Revision 69b90d3d (rsb-cl): Fixed scopes in tests cases in test/protocol.lisp
* test/protocol.lisp (test hooks-root::make-participant-hook/smoke): use
distinct scope with inprocess transport
J. Moringen
04:00 AM Feature #1738 (Resolved): Implement participant creation and destruction hooks
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-cl|5a8b375444df252bd88a989af3d16419d08e122f. J. Moringen
03:57 AM Revision 5a8b3754 (rsb-cl): Participant creation and state change hooks in src/variables.lisp
fixes #1738
* src/protocol.lisp (participant): forward declaration
(declaim special *participant-state-change-hook...
J. Moringen
03:57 AM Revision d416ef69 (rsb-cl): Added protocol-related conditions in src/patterns/conditions.lisp
* src/patterns/conditions.lisp: new file; contains conditions related to
communication protocols
* src/patterns/pac...
J. Moringen


12:57 AM Revision 062caf2f (rsb-cl): Summary in first line of participant documentation strings in src/**/...
* src/reader.lisp (reader): changed first line of documentation string
to be an informative summary
* src/listener....
J. Moringen
06:54 PM RSBag Bug #1937: Connection refused issues
Happens every second time or so.
Both solutions should work. I am not sure about the performance of the python ser...
J. Wienke
06:18 PM RSBag Bug #1937: Connection refused issues
> It seems the waiting time for the bag binary is too low when using the python API. I constantly receive connect ref... J. Moringen
06:03 PM RSBag Bug #1937 (Resolved): Connection refused issues
It seems the waiting time for the bag binary is too low when using the python API. I constantly receive connect refus... J. Wienke
05:39 PM Revision f88fcc01 (rsb-matlab): added PoseQueue contructor with capacity as paramter
C. Emmerich
04:26 PM Revision 61c77184 (rsb-java): updated latest version
S. Sharma
09:55 AM Revision a1ae8d9c (rsb-tools-cl): Added option to list participants in info/main.lisp
refs #1876
* info/main.lisp (header): updated copyright
(update-synopsis): added --participants commandline option...
J. Moringen
09:36 AM Revision 4967b8fd (rsb-manual): Mention --participants commandline option in info.rst
refs #1876
* info.rst (Description): mention --participants commandline option
J. Moringen
09:36 AM Revision 9f6ca6da (rsb-manual): Mention participant creation, state change hooks in news.rst
refs #1738
* news.rst (RSB 0.11): mention the new hooks *make-participant-hook* and
J. Moringen
09:20 AM Enhancement #1876 (Resolved): Use service-provider system for participant classes
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-cl|f86bc9c5d5a51a46656546e8762b55045b2623d3. J. Moringen
09:12 AM Revision ebcf53a5 (rsb-tools-cl): Added option to list participants in info/main.lisp
refs #1876
* info/main.lisp (header): updated copyright
(update-synopsis): added --participants commandline option...
J. Moringen
08:37 AM Revision f86bc9c5 (rsb-cl): Added participant service in src/protocol.lisp
fixes #1876
Participant classes are registered with the new participant service and
instantiated via the service by ...
J. Moringen
08:34 AM Revision dba82dad (rsb-cl): Removed {reader,listener,informer}-creation-error, make-{r,l,i} in sr...
* src/conditions.lisp (listener-creation-error): removed; no longer
(reader-creation-error): likewise
J. Moringen
08:34 AM Revision 3405fbf8 (rsb-cl): Added make-participant[-using-class] generic functions in src/protoco...
refs #1876
Participants are now created by the two generic functions
`make-participant' and `make-participant-using-...
J. Moringen
05:35 AM Revision 2920dd26 (rsb-cl): Added class direction-mixin in src/mixins.lisp
This will allow generically constructing configurators and ultimately
connectors for given participant classes with t...
J. Moringen
05:29 AM Revision 7e60fcb7 (rsb-cl): Added {converters,error-hook}-mixin in src/mixins.lisp
* src/mixins.lisp (converters-mixin): new class; mixin class for storing
converters used by an object; allows query...
J. Moringen
05:23 AM Revision efc0e7a2 (rsb-cl): Added kind slot to participant-creation-error in src/conditions.lisp
In preparation for generic handling of arbitrary participant classes.
* src/conditions.lisp (participant-creation-er...
J. Moringen
05:12 AM Revision 099fd3bd (rsb-cl): Improved condition reports in src/[transport/]conditions.lisp
* src/conditions.lisp (maybe-print-transport-configuration): improved
layout in condition report; improved format s...
J. Moringen
04:57 AM Revision 0ef37176 (rsb-cl): Fixed default initargs in src/transport/socket/conditions.lisp
* src/transport/socket/conditions.lisp (header): updated copyright
(connection-shutdown-requested): changed connect...
J. Moringen
04:55 AM Revision f0e8dcf8 (rsb-cl): Fixed default initargs in src/transport/socket/connector.lisp
* src/transport/socket/connector.lisp (connector): change class name
in-connector -> connector in `missing-required...
J. Moringen
04:54 AM Revision 07ea6157 (rsb-cl): Event processing and transport mixin fixes in {src,test}/event-proces...
Mainly replace `error-handling-dispatcher-mixin' with four classes
J. Moringen
02:20 AM Revision 10e17fb3 (rsb-yarp-cl): Fix handling of invalid nameserver responses in src/transport/ya...
* src/transport/yarp/nameserver.lisp (header): updated copyright
(%nameserver-parse-entry): do not attempt to parse...
J. Moringen
02:07 AM Revision 3e5cb712 (rsb-yarp-cl): Adaptions to message -> notification change in src/transport/tcp...
* src/transport/yarptcp/in-connector.lisp (header): updated copyright
(in-connector): changed superclass restart-{m...
J. Moringen
02:06 AM Revision 3d60b9c7 (rsb-cl): Consistently use "notification" instead of "message" in src/transport...
* src/transport/protocol.lisp (header): updated copyright
(receive-notification): renamed receive-{message -> notif...
J. Moringen


01:54 AM Revision ed4b86ed (rsb-ros-cl): Adaptions to message -> notification change in src/transport/tcpr...
* src/transport/tcpros/in-connector.lisp (in-connector): changed
superclass restart-{message -> notification}-recei...
J. Moringen
07:59 PM Revision 4549c233 (rsb-java): updates for native methods
S. Sharma


10:49 PM Revision 252695ce (rsb-java): updated
S. Sharma
05:38 PM Revision 2a72c07c (rsb-java): updates host and process info
S. Sharma


08:06 PM Revision f2a40861 (rsb-java): update
S. Sharma
06:36 PM Revision 2d0cf793 (rsb-java): deleted test files
S. Sharma
06:26 PM Revision 937c895a (rsb-java): commented
S. Sharma


02:59 PM Revision be8627a7 (rsb-tools-cpp): Fix generated CMake config
Variable replacement in configure_file calls only works with @VAR@
(cherry picked from commit c178f1c889bcc0b...
J. Wienke


12:20 PM Feature #1922 (New): Include environment variables in introspection messages describing processes
* Probably useful
* For parity with commandline options
J. Moringen


10:48 AM Revision f1ed8658 (rsb-manual): Mention make-participant and underlying service in news.rst
refs #1876
* news.rst (RSB 0.11): mention make-participant and the underlying
service-provider protocol
J. Moringen


07:50 PM RSBag Enhancement #1921 (Resolved): Allow to specify which converters to use
Applied in changeset commit:rsbag-python|e20576fc53ab77cd3a0572f4a0840adeea9a8c61. J. Moringen
07:46 PM RSBag Revision e20576fc (rsbag-python): Accept converters keyword parameter in rsbag/
fixes #1921
* rsbag/ (Connection.__init__): accept converters keyword
(Bag.__init__): likew...
J. Moringen

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