From 07/29/2015 to 08/27/2015


10:06 PM Revision 2593aea7 (rsb-tools-cl): Relaxed database printing in formatting/introspection/print.lisp
* formatting/introspection/print.lisp
(print-entry stream remote-introspection-database t): changed
specializer e...
J. Moringen
10:06 PM Revision 29da524e (rsb-tools-cl): Fixed database locking in formatting/introspection/json.lisp
* formatting/introspection/json.lisp (encode-json remote-introspection):
lock database here
(format-event t style...
J. Moringen
03:20 PM Revision f71413e3 (rsb-cl): More flexible make-event, send methods in src/{event,informer}.lisp
* src/event.lisp (%check-event-timestamp): new function; check timestamp
(%check-event-meta-data): similar ...
J. Moringen
02:30 PM Revision 5b2dc482 (rsb-cl): More flexible make-event, send methods in src/{event,informer}.lisp
* src/event.lisp (%check-event-timestamp): new function; check timestamp
(%check-event-meta-data): similar ...
J. Moringen
01:36 PM Revision ba528b83 (rsb-tools-cl): Added make-style-service-help-string in formatting/help.lisp
* formatting/help.lisp (make-style-service-help-string): new function;
return a string describing the providers of ...
J. Moringen
01:29 PM Revision 3eb3affb (rsb-tools-cl): Introspection JSON fixes in test/formatting/introspection/json....
* test/formatting/introspection/json.lisp
(test rsb.formatting.introspection.json-root::smoke): cosmetic changes
* ...
J. Moringen
01:20 PM Bug #2365 (Resolved): Timelines do not adapt immediately to changed window sizes
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-tools-cl|71176afc5be95d62babba7fc5dc49ddf74fcb384. J. Moringen
01:11 PM Revision 71176afc (rsb-tools-cl): Fixed expansion of timeline columns in formatting/timeline.lisp
fixes #2365
The line cache mechanism of the timeline column only dropped cells at
the tail of the cache in order to ...
J. Moringen
12:28 PM Revision 6dbce68a (rsb-tools-cl): Use human readable numeric output in formatting/introspection/p...
* formatting/introspection/print.lisp (+duration-unit-divisors+):
removed; no longer needed
J. Moringen
12:28 PM Revision 5a460406 (rsb-tools-cl): Use human readable numeric output in formatting/columns.lisp
* formatting/columns.lisp (define-simple-column :data-size): use
`print-human-readable-size' adjusted column width ...
J. Moringen
11:22 AM Revision 21a4cd1b (rsb-tools-cl): Added key to histogram-mixin in stats/quantity-mixins.lisp
* stats/quantity-mixins.lisp (histogram-mixin::key): new slot; stores
nil or key function
J. Moringen
11:22 AM Revision 06be5edc (rsb-tools-cl): Use histogram format in formatting/columns.lisp
* formatting/columns.lisp (*generic-histogram-format*): new variable;
format for generic histograms
J. Moringen
11:12 AM RSBag Enhancement #2369 (Resolved): Move copied timestamps to namespace
Applied in changeset commit:rsbag-python|f48e31a8f6d9d576016b520fa05b2a5b149ab646. J. Wienke
11:09 AM RSBag Revision f48e31a8 (rsbag-python): Move copied timestamps to namespace in user times in rsbag/__in...
fixes #2369
While preserving original timing information, prefix all timestamps with
"rsbag:" inside the user times ...
J. Wienke
11:05 AM Revision f5e57cac (rsb-tools-cl): {moments,histogram}-mixin use format-mixin in stats/quantity-mi...
* stats/quantity-mixins.lisp (moments-mixin): added superclass
`format-mixin'; added :format default initarg
J. Moringen
11:04 AM Revision eae2ff9b (rsb-tools-cl): Cosmetic changes in stats/quantity-mixins.lisp
* stats/quantity-mixins.lisp (update! meta-data-mixin event):
(quantity-values filter-mixin): like...
J. Moringen


09:34 PM Revision 464d6e97 (rsb-tools-cl): Human readable numeric output in formatting/orders-of-magnitude...
* formatting/orders-of-magnitude.lisp: new file; contains function
printing human readable numeric output
* formatt...
J. Moringen
06:17 PM RSBag Enhancement #2369 (Resolved): Move copied timestamps to namespace
Attached is a patch which copies timestamps to a namespace prefixed with @rsbag:@ to prevent name clashes. Additional... J. Wienke
05:36 PM RSBag Revision 78cbf2a8 (rsbag-cl): Lazy timestamp computations in src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp
* src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp (header): updated copyright
(replay :before replay-bag-connection time-bounds...
J. Moringen
05:36 PM RSBag Revision 4413eaf2 (rsbag-cl): Cosmetic changes in src/view/serialized.lisp
* src/view/serialized.lisp (header): updated copyright
(make-simple-sequence-iterator serialized): cosmetic changes...
J. Moringen
04:47 PM Enhancement #2368 (New): Add average rate field to logger styles
number of events / number of origins
+ variance?
J. Wienke
04:32 PM Enhancement #2367 (New): Scope-specific max-depth overrides for the tree view of the logger
Allow to specify different max-depth values for certain subtrees of the system. J. Wienke
04:28 PM Enhancement #2366 (New): Improve frequency calculation
Use a wider horizon compared to the @print-interval@ so that sparse events are better reflected without constantly ch... J. Wienke
04:16 PM Bug #2365 (Resolved): Timelines do not adapt immediately to changed window sizes
The timeline style for the logger does not immediately adapt in case the window size has changed. J. Wienke
08:58 AM Revision 145319af (rsb-tools-cl): Handle annotated payloads in stats/util.lisp
* stats/util.lisp (event-type/simple): extract encapsulated wire-schema
from `annotated' payloads
J. Moringen


06:02 PM RSBag Revision 85449ef8 (rsbag-cl): Moved view mixins into single file src/view/mixins.lisp
* src/view/mixins.lisp: new file; contains view-related iterator mixin
* src/view/
J. Moringen


11:03 AM Revision 7375f637 (rsb-manual): More news regarding changed API documentation link
J. Wienke
10:53 AM Revision 264806cf (rsb-manual): Mention dropped ant build system in news
J. Wienke


06:37 PM Revision 368a3f8b (rsb-tools-cl): Handle output of annotating converter in {formatting,stats}/uti...
The annotating converter produces a pair of "raw" wire-data and the
associated wire-schema. In some cases, for exampl...
J. Moringen
06:37 PM Revision 5cf50f3c (rsb-tools-cl): Moved utility functions to src/commands/util.lisp
* src/commands/util.lisp: new file; contains utility functions used by
command classes
* src/commands/logger.lisp (...
J. Moringen
06:37 PM Revision 53478fe1 (rsb-tools-cl): Do not choke on improper list payloads in {formatting,stats}/ut...
* stats/util.lisp (header): updated copyright
(event-size): return replacement value instead of choking on improper...
J. Moringen
06:36 PM Revision 86e8105a (rsb-tools-cl): Cosmetic changes in formatting/timeline.lisp
* formatting/timeline.lisp (cell-%update): renamed %cell-update ->
(format-header timeline t): cosme...
J. Moringen
06:25 PM Revision 69e508f3 (rsb-tools-cl): Handle unknown event sizes in formatting/timeline.lisp
* formatting/timeline.lisp (header): updated copyright
(%cell-update): use 0 as replacement value if event size can...
J. Moringen


06:09 PM Revision 51b8b9a6 (rsb-manual): Update installation instructions to java changes
* Update CI server paths
* Remove ant instructions
J. Wienke
05:37 PM Revision 12849a85 (rsb-manual): Fix compilation warnings
* Fix several syntax errors
* Replace links to not yet existing files with "not implemented" hints
* Fix excludes in ...
J. Wienke
05:33 PM Revision 3a98ace9 (rsb-manual): Remove custom git tutorial
Replace with a link to the official git documentation J. Wienke
05:31 PM Revision 91704b1a (rsb-manual): Adapt to changed paths in rsb-java
Incorporate path changes doe to restructuring of the rsb-java project. J. Wienke
04:20 PM Revision 16618e3c (rsb-java): Prevent maven warning
Do not try to compile proto files for unit tests if there are no such
J. Wienke
02:00 PM Revision fa246a7d (rsb-java): Convert project to maven only
This commit drops the ant build system support and converts the project
to a proper maven project complying to the ma...
J. Wienke


10:26 AM Bug #2313: Unexpected Exception about introspection
Jan, do you have an idea how to explain this? J. Wienke


07:28 PM Revision 3c9d0f44 (rsb-cl): Fixed test in test/patterns/request-reply/local-server.lisp
* test/patterns/request-reply/local-server.lisp
(test local-server-root::call): make sure the mock event has an id
J. Moringen
06:01 PM Revision 8641606a (rsb-cl): Test case-sensitivity in test/scope.lisp
refs #974
* test/scope.lisp (test scope-root::derive-scope-component): added cases
for case-sensitivity
(test sc...
J. Moringen
06:00 PM Revision 32ec7927 (rsb-cl): Do not downcase all scope components in src/patterns/protocol.lisp
refs #974
* src/patterns/protocol.lisp (make-child-scope t symbol t): downcase the
symbol name
J. Moringen
04:41 PM Tasks #2146 (Resolved): Release version 0.12
New maven server arrived. Things are deployed. J. Wienke
04:36 PM Revision 29232a1f (rsb-manual): Include changed maven URL
* install-binary.rst: update URLs, add link target
(cherry picked from commit 0a0fe9cca88793c466791f53b8a4376ffae35fb0)
J. Wienke
04:33 PM Revision 6fb66554 (rsb-matlab): Update to new citec maven repo
(cherry picked from commit 9a1b7a486ab61129267162cfffa2c88a92f3cf76) J. Wienke
04:26 PM RSB XML Support Revision 60e2d310 (rsb-xml-java): Adapt to new citec maven repository
(cherry picked from commit 40932a7dafb9a98eeb1c7ba26ff9e040d0436098) J. Wienke
04:21 PM Revision 80c59ac7 (rsb-java): Update to new citec server.
(cherry picked from commit 411429ec629e52caa77c3fc26419d19a6e2126ea) J. Wienke
04:11 PM Tasks #974 (Rejected): Make URIs case-insensitive
RFC3689 specifies that the path in an URI is case-sensitive. Therefore we do not have to do anything here and can all... J. Wienke
04:10 PM Revision 9d4862b0 (rsb-manual): Remove note about scope case-sensitivity
URI paths are case-sensitive according to RFC3986 and therefore
case-sensitive scopes, which are only used in paths a...
J. Wienke


07:20 PM Bug #2362 (Resolved): introspect json output is always empty
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-tools-cl|aa26eaee6790b25d919796f2e2e89d39e6ff403a. J. Moringen
01:36 PM Bug #2362 (Resolved): introspect json output is always empty
I can't get a recent introspect tool version to produce any JSON output. The help does not specify any options which ... J. Wienke
06:46 PM Revision aa26eaee (rsb-tools-cl): Added configurable delay to JSON style in formatting/introspect...
fixes #2362
* formatting/introspection/styles.lisp (delay-mixin): new class; mixin
class for introspection formatt...
J. Moringen


01:00 AM Bug #2361 (Resolved): Wrong sending of decimal numbers using RSB send
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-tools-cl|d87a70ba926beef9611abf3b9fdfb9302de78e76. J. Moringen
09:43 AM Bug #2361 (Resolved): Wrong sending of decimal numbers using RSB send
Using _RSB send_ tool to send some decimal numbers seems to actually be sending them without the first zeros after th... D. Barbot
12:58 AM Revision 31eb435c (rsb-tools-cl): Added scientific notation for float literals in common/protocol...
* common/protocol-buffer-payload.lisp (defrule float-scientific): new
rule; scientific notation suffix
(defrule f...
J. Moringen
12:58 AM Revision d87a70ba (rsb-tools-cl): Fixed parsing decimals in float literals in common/protocol-buf...
fixes #2361
The logic for parsing decimals in float literals was completely wrong.
* common/protocol-buffer-payload...
J. Moringen
01:51 PM Revision 0a0fe9cc (rsb-manual): Include changed maven URL
* install-binary.rst: update URLs, fix current version, add link target
* news.rst: news entry referencing change ins...
J. Wienke
01:21 PM RSB XML Support Revision 40932a7d (rsb-xml-java): Adapt to new citec maven repository
J. Wienke
01:18 PM RSB XML Support Revision d9a45f37 (rsb-xml-java): Adapt to new citec maven repository
J. Wienke
01:14 PM Revision 9a1b7a48 (rsb-matlab): Update to new citec maven repo
J. Wienke
12:42 PM Bug #2360: Long types are not serialized correctly.
Added the test changes to the patch. B. Errouane
12:23 PM Revision 411429ec (rsb-java): Update to new citec server.
J. Wienke


08:21 PM RSBag Revision bb435d46 (rsbag-cl): Index flush strategy derivation in src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp
For indices, derive flush strategies that flush more frequently from the
flush strategy used for chunks.
* src/backe...
J. Moringen
08:21 PM RSBag Revision 1f80d36b (rsbag-cl): Flush strategy infrastructure improvements in src/backend/*.lisp
* src/backend/protocol.lisp (header): updated copyright
(make-flush-strategy standard-object): new method; `standar...
J. Moringen
08:21 PM RSBag Revision 9037b66d (rsbag-cl): Restored close method for input-index in src/backend/tidelog/index....
* src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp (close input-index): new method; noop,
but necessary for protocol
J. Moringen
05:26 PM RSBag Revision 487c61f1 (rsbag-tools-cl): Added is{started,open} to synopsis in bag-record/main.lisp
refs #2347
* bag-record/main.lisp (update-synopsis): added descriptions of
is{started,open} methods
J. Moringen
04:40 PM Revision 2c3ba52a (rsb-manual): Mention changed python API doc in news
J. Wienke
03:26 PM Revision 8c02f316 (rsb-manual): Remove graph captions due to bug in sphinx 1.3
J. Wienke
02:54 PM Revision cc0b969e (rsb-manual): Add python API via sphinx autodoc
Generate the Python API documentation inside the manual instead of a
separate epydoc page.
* Adds an API item to the...
J. Wienke
02:52 PM Revision 41365213 (rsb-python): Disable epydoc generation
This will be replaced with sphinx in the manual. J. Wienke
02:52 PM Revision b88f9430 (rsb-python): Convert comments to Google Style with sphinx markup
Comments have been converted to the style proposed by google:
J. Wienke


08:21 PM Bug #2360 (In Progress): Long types are not serialized correctly.
Thanks for the patch. Please extend it such that the unit tests fail without the correction. J. Moringen
08:04 PM Bug #2360 (Resolved): Long types are not serialized correctly.
A bug in the file causes variables of type Long to be serialized and thereby be transmitted incorr... B. Errouane


07:26 PM RSBag Revision 4cbd9905 (rsbag-cl): Instance reuse optimization src/backend/tidelog/{file,index}.lisp
Allocating and then throwing away `chunk-entry' and `index-entry'
instances produces avoidable memory pressure. Inste...
J. Moringen
07:24 PM RSBag Revision 4c514c76 (rsbag-cl): Initial split into {input,output,io}-index in src/backend/tidelog/i...
Depending on whether direction is :input, :output or :io either the
queryable index of timestamps of offsets or the b...
J. Moringen
06:56 PM RSBag Revision 7a714bac (rsbag-cl): get-entry optimization in src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (get-entry file integer integer):
reduced critical section size; do not unpack a `c...
J. Moringen
06:50 PM RSBag Revision b2c524b0 (rsbag-tools-cl): Use :output direction for output file in src/commands/transfo...
* src/commands/transform.lisp (command-execute transform): open output
file with :output direction to take advantag...
J. Moringen


02:24 PM Revision e58c4de7 (rsb-cl): Handle converter configuration inheritance in src/patterns/mixins.lisp
* src/patterns/mixins.lisp
(configuration-inheritance-mixin::converter-options): new slot; stores
converter optio...
J. Moringen
02:06 PM Revision 6d244ad1 (rsb-cl): Added meta-data filter in src/filter/meta-data-filter.lisp
* src/filter/meta-data-filter.lisp: new file;
* test/filter/meta-data-filter.lisp: new file;
* test/filter/
J. Moringen


08:48 AM Enhancement #2359 (In Progress): Graph for introspection web interface
* Must scale (algorithmically) to thousands of participants
* Intelligent restriction
** Based on selected node
J. Moringen


11:58 AM Revision dd17d209 (rsb-cl): define-basic-converter-test-cases supports classes in test/converter/...
* test/converter/package.lisp (define-basic-converter-test-cases):
accept new `make-converter' parameter that can b...
J. Moringen
11:58 AM Revision f5307fb5 (rsb-cl): Added annotating converter in src/converter/annotating.lisp
* src/converter/annotating.lisp: new file; contains annotating converter
* test/converter/annotating.lisp: new file; ...
J. Moringen
11:57 AM Revision 06d47891 (rsb-cl): Fixed define-basic-converter-test-cases in test/converter/package.lisp
* test/converter/package.lisp (header): updated copyright
(define-basic-converter-test-cases): check return values ...
J. Moringen
11:56 AM Revision e23d532e (rsb-cl): Normalize types used as wire-schema in src/converter/reader.lisp
* src/converter/reader.lisp (header): updated copyright
(%normalize-type): new function; naively normalize some typ...
J. Moringen
11:56 AM Revision 73dedf02 (rsb-cl): Fixed :fundamental-null test in test/converter/fundamental.lisp
* test/converter/fundamental.lisp
(define-basic-converter-test-cases :fundamental-null): fixed
wire-schema in one...
J. Moringen
11:56 AM Revision b164801e (rsb-cl): Fixed define-simple-converter in src/converter/macros.lisp
* src/converter/macros.lisp (header): updated copyright
(define-simple-converter): return correct wire-type in gene...
J. Moringen
11:51 AM Revision 8980c008 (rsb-cl): Fixed race condition in scope interning in src/scope.lisp
The interned? slot of newly interned scopes was mutated outside of the
critical section. This was probably not a prob...
J. Moringen


10:27 PM Revision bd031c11 (rsb-cl): Removed unnecessary :in-order-to option in rsb-introspection.asd
* rsb-introspection.asd (system rsb-introspection-test): removed
unnecessary :in-order-to option
J. Moringen
02:34 PM RSBag Bug #852 (Closed): Heap-Exhausted error when reading corrupt TIDELog files
This is much more robust / less memory hungry now. J. Moringen
02:13 PM RSBag Revision 51f10e3e (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
01:30 PM RSBag Revision 43ec485a (rsbag-cl): Async index write-back in src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp (index): added superclass
J. Moringen
01:30 PM RSBag Revision 1ddcb908 (rsbag-cl): Pass flush strategy to index in src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (shared-initialize :after file t): pass
flush strategy of the instance to `make-ind...
J. Moringen
01:29 PM RSBag Revision c69a3810 (rsbag-cl): Improved error recovery in src/backend/tidelog/*.lisp
refs #852
Most importantly, INDX blocks are now located when scanning, but not
unpacked immediately, reducing peak m...
J. Moringen
11:20 AM RSBag Revision 64c821d9 (rsbag-cl): Added index-vector type and functions in src/backend/tidelog/index....
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (make-index): use `index-add-indxs'
after creating the index
* src/backend/tidelog/...
J. Moringen
11:20 AM RSBag Revision fa8c0603 (rsbag-cl): Index locks stream in src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (header): updated copyright
(shared-initialize :after file t): pass lock to `make-i...
J. Moringen


01:48 PM Revision 865c909b (rsb-manual): Adapt to changed python build system
J. Wienke


08:47 PM Revision 2acf01a0 (rsb-python): Fix config parsing for unit tests
Due to the fact that nose executes modules once to discover available
tests, it is not safe to assume that at global ...
J. Wienke
08:39 PM Revision 745f662f (rsb-python): Dummy commit :/
J. Wienke
08:27 PM Revision eab0a32c (rsb-python): Dummy commit :/
J. Wienke
08:00 PM Revision dcaa25d5 (rsb-python): Localize changes to default participant config in tests
Only change the default config in case this is really required. All
other parts of the tests shall assume that the co...
J. Wienke
06:05 PM Revision 84ea0f50 (rsb-python): Make inprocess the default transport for tests
This prevents potential networking errors during tests and should speed
up things.
J. Wienke
06:04 PM Revision 6c887202 (rsb-python): Cosmetic changes
J. Wienke
05:57 PM Revision 15aba6e8 (rsb-python): Convert unit tests to nose
From now on python nosetests needs to be used to run the unit
tests. This will automatically generate covera...
J. Wienke
05:27 PM Revision 2bda204e (rsb-python): Shield config smoke test against socket transport
Disable socket transport (now the default) explicitly so that the amount
of configured transports is always predictable.
J. Wienke
02:08 PM RSBag Revision b77efdc2 (rsbag-tools-cl): Backport: Added is{open,started} remote interface methods in ...
refs #2347
* src/commands/record.lisp (record): mention new "isstarted" and
"isopen" methods in documentation stri...
J. Moringen
11:47 AM Revision 4110719d (rsb-python): pep8-ify and clean up
J. Wienke


05:10 AM Enhancement #2241 (In Progress): Implement introspection Web UI
J. Moringen

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