From 09/19/2015 to 10/18/2015


08:58 PM Tasks #1561 (Resolved): Move "Git Primer" from rsb-manual to cor-lab tutorials/some other generic...
Fixed in commit:rsb-manual|3a98ace9. J. Moringen
08:57 PM Bug #930 (Closed): Segfault in socket-transport
The code has changed a lot in the meantime and it is unclear whether this problem still exists. Please reopen if it d... J. Moringen
08:55 PM Feature #832 (Closed): Make RSB Scope Monitor subscope-aware
The CL tools provide this capability. J. Moringen
08:55 PM Enhancement #891 (Closed): Logger should accept multiple scopes
The CL tools provide this capability. J. Moringen
08:53 PM Feature #834 (Closed): Manage displayed scopes in RSB Scope Monitor
The CL tools implement these strategies. J. Moringen
08:50 PM Feature #175 (Resolved): Disributed Model Introspection Service
We now have distributed introspection. Additional introspection requirements should be tracked in more specific issues. J. Moringen
08:47 PM Tasks #1156 (Resolved): Integrate doxygen documentation with rsb-manual
Solved to a sufficient extent. J. Moringen
08:44 PM Tasks #805 (Resolved): Unify Name of Executables and Command Line Options for RSB Tools
Has been resolved for a long time. J. Moringen
05:57 PM Bug #460 (Closed): Compact Event Formatting Style is Useless
The compact style of the CL logger is usable. J. Moringen


01:28 PM Revision 32f2afc6 (rsb-cl): Minor improvements in src/filter/{origin,regex}-filter.lisp
* src/filter/origin-filter.lisp (origin-filter::origin): made writer
(shared-initialize :after origin-fil...
J. Moringen
01:25 PM Revision f5af2586 (rsb-cl): Docstring and comment improvements in src/filter/*.lisp
* src/filter/conditions.lisp (header): updated coyright
* src/filter/composite-filter.lisp (composite-filter): improv...
J. Moringen
01:19 PM Revision b289f1d3 (rsb-cl): Void converter can handle dropped payloads in src/converter/fundament...
* src/converter/fundamental.lisp
(domain->wire? eql :fundamental-void symbol): new method; allow the
symbol `%dro...
J. Moringen
12:14 PM Revision d9dbfff7 (rsb-cl): Minor improvements of void, null converters in src/converter/fundamen...
* src/converter/fundamental.lisp (+empty-wire-data+): new constant;
empty write data
(define-simple-converter :fu...
J. Moringen


04:00 PM Revision 8b717d9b (rsb-tools-cl): Added transform support to bridge command in src/commands/bridg...
* src/commands/bridge/model.lisp (define-model-class): added composite
optional kind
(define-model-class transfor...
J. Moringen
04:00 PM Revision 6674d55c (rsb-tools-cl): Fixed parsing of filter expressions in src/commands/bridge/gram...
* src/commands/bridge/grammar.lisp (defrule filter): use `pipe/end'
instead of just the character
(defrule pipe/e...
J. Moringen
03:59 PM Revision ae4a7cea (rsb-tools-cl): Fixed URI parsing in src/commands/bridge/grammar.lisp
* src/commands/bridge/grammar.lisp (defrule uri): use `parsable-uri'
instead of `any-uri'
(parsable-uri?): new fu...
J. Moringen
03:28 PM Revision a4db6671 (rsb-manual): Added transform specification to grammar in tool-bridge.rst
* tool-bridge.rst (Simple Forwarding Specification): added transform
nonterminal and TRANSFORM terminal
J. Moringen
12:23 PM Revision 8e021350 (rsb-tools-cl): Simplified rule macro in src/commands/bridge/grammar.lisp
* src/commands/bridge/grammar.lisp (define-keyword-rule): simplified J. Moringen
12:07 PM Revision 154b0dd9 (rsb-cl): Transforms are funcallable in src/transform/*.lisp
* src/transform/mixins.lisp: new file; contains mixin classes for
transform classes
* src/transform/adjust-timestam...
J. Moringen
11:00 AM Revision 74454b22 (rsb-python): Send transport URLs in introspection hello events
* rsb/ (header): updated copyright
(Participant.getTransportURLs): new method; as a default behavior,
J. Moringen
10:13 AM Revision f3cf31ca (rsb-python): Fixed invalid attribute access in rsb/transport/rsbspread/__init_...
* rsb/transport/rsbspread/ (Connector.activate): fixed
attribute access self._connection -> self.__conne...
J. Moringen


05:12 PM Revision c5e496e3 (rsb-java): Eliminate absolut paths in eclipse project
J. Wienke


10:38 PM Revision 4df16ee0 (rsb-cl): Added adjust-timestamps transform in src/transform/adjust-timestamps....
* src/transform/adjust-timestamps.lisp: new file; contains
`adjust-timestamps' transform
* src/transform/
J. Moringen
10:38 PM Revision 2a9e9c20 (rsb-cl): Added drop-payload transform in src/transform/drop-payload.lisp
* src/transform/drop-payload.lisp: new file; contains the `drop-payload'
transform class
* src/transform/
J. Moringen
08:06 PM RSBag Revision 6ba672f5 (rsbag-tools-cl): Transform can operate on deserialized payloads in src/command...
* src/commands/util.lisp (*coding-transform*): new variable; stores the
transform specification that is used in cas...
J. Moringen
07:13 PM RSBag Revision bc94358b (rsbag-tools-cl): Transform can omit event in src/commands/transform.lisp
* src/commands/transform.lisp (transcode channel channel): omit current
event if datum transform returns nil
J. Moringen
07:12 PM RSBag Revision 7ce7e43b (rsbag-tools-cl): Sort channels in output in src/commands/info.lisp
* src/commands/info.lisp (command-execute info): sort channels by name
before printing
J. Moringen


09:42 PM Revision 6629eabf (rsb-cl): Added prefix-scope transform in src/transform/prefix-scope.lisp
* src/transform/prefix-scope.lisp: new file; contains `prefix-scope'
transform class
* test/transform/prefix-scope....
J. Moringen
09:05 PM Revision ebff1e16 (rsb-cl): Moved event transformations into new module src/transform/
* src/event-processing/conditions.lisp: removed; contents moved to
* src/event-proces...
J. Moringen
09:05 PM Revision 022ffb7a (rsb-cl): Added transform creation and service and src/transform/*.lisp
* src/transform/conditions.lisp (transform-creation-error):
* src/transform/protocol.lisp (make-transform):
J. Moringen
08:09 PM Revision c1fa223b (rsb-cl): Scope function improvements in src/scope.lisp
* src/scope.lisp (make-scope t): new method; signal a type-error for
unsuitable inputs
(ensure-scope): improved f...
J. Moringen


12:30 AM Revision 127bc063 (rsb-cl): Use sink-scope-trie in socket transport
* src/transport/socket/bus.lisp (header): updated copyright
(bus::in-connectors): new slot; stores a trie of in-dir...
J. Moringen
11:44 PM Revision fe41c9fd (rsb-tools-cl): Minor cleanup in test/common/protocol-buffer-payload.lisp
* test/common/protocol-buffer-payload.lisp
(test protocol-buffer-payload-root::grammar/float): removed leftover
J. Moringen
10:11 AM Revision 0c759ab5 (rsb-cl): Use sink-scope-trie in inprocess transport
* src/transport/inprocess/connectors.lisp (**by-scope**):
renamed *by-scope* -> **by-scope**; changed from special ...
J. Moringen


04:40 PM Revision 9555badc (rsb-cl): Initial [sink-]scope-trie in src/event-processing/scope-trie.lisp
The `scope-trie' (and `sink-scope-trie') data-structure provides
a mapping from scopes to objects, supports efficient...
J. Moringen
02:21 PM Revision 5d75afd1 (rsb-cl): Added random testing infrastructure in test/random.lisp
* test/random.lisp: new file; contains functions for RSB-related random
* test/package.lisp (package rsb.te...
J. Moringen


09:23 PM Revision 79894381 (rsb-cl): Global variables and reloading in src/transport/inprocess/connectors....
* src/transport/inprocess/connectors.lisp (**cached-machine-instance**):
new global variable; cached machine instan...
J. Moringen
09:13 PM Revision ffdee175 (rsb-cl): Added inprocess in-connector in src/transport/inprocess/connectors.lisp
* src/transport/inprocess/connectors.lisp (in-connector): new class;
superclass for in-direction connectors
J. Moringen
09:12 PM Revision bc74ff56 (rsb-cl): Moved inprocess connectors into src/transport/inprocess/connectors.lisp
* src/transport/inprocess/connectors.lisp: new file; contains all
* src/transport/inprocess/
J. Moringen
10:05 AM Revision 1a466e42 (rsb-cl): Fix string construction in scope-string in src/scope.lisp
* src/scope.lisp (scope-string scope): use `with-output-to-string' with
`write-{string,char}' to avoid dependency o...
J. Moringen


10:37 AM Enhancement #2403 (Resolved): Remove implementation-dependant printed representation of objects f...
J. Moringen


05:02 PM Revision b341e610 (rsb-manual): Explain domain-protobuf converts via examples
Adds an example how to create a custom converter for user data types
which uses protobuf as the wire schema.
* CMake...
J. Wienke
05:01 PM Revision fe44e68a (rsb-manual): Fix the protobuf documentation link
URL has changed externally. J. Wienke
03:39 PM Feature #593 (Closed): Implement Meta-Converter for Domain- to Protobuf-Type Conversion
Probably not necessary as the amount of duplicated effort for each new domain-specific converter is low. J. Moringen


04:32 AM Revision 87edd43d (rsb-integrationtest): Adaptations to changed package structure in lisp/remote-...
* lisp/remote-introspection.lisp: changed package rsb.{introspection ->
model} where necessary; changed entry- -> n...
J. Moringen


04:52 PM Bug #2398 (New): Unable to play large tide file when using spread transport
rsbag crashes with a REJECT-QUOTA error when trying to play a large tide file. This setup uses a single spread runnin... N. Köster
03:04 PM Revision ddb546bc (rsb-tools-cl): Added missing condition report in src/commands/bridge/condition...
* src/commands/bridge/conditions.lisp (specification-error): added
condition report
J. Moringen
02:57 PM Revision 18432bb4 (rsb-tools-cl): Fixed format-control string in bridge/main.lisp
* bridge/main.lisp (main): fixed format-control string in error condition J. Moringen
01:53 PM Revision 44366a20 (rsb-cl): Fixed macro definition in test/model/classes.lisp
* test/model/classes.lisp (define-simple-model-class-tests): added
missing :load-toplevel `eval-when' situation
J. Moringen
01:00 PM Revision 6ce61c26 (rsb-tools-cl): Fixed inter-module dependency in rsb-tools-commands.asd
* rsb-tools-commands.asd (system rsb-tools-commands): added dependency
of module "commands-bridge" on module "comma...
J. Moringen
10:22 AM Revision 16b82bf3 (rsb-cl): Use model module in src/introspection/*.lisp
Use *-info and *-node model classes as superclasses for *-entry
classes. Consistently set node parents of entry objec...
J. Moringen

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