From 11/13/2018 to 12/12/2018


01:46 PM Feature #2782 (Resolved): Config loader and Transport registry
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-net|18fdf2b72ec7fdcc9b0799bde73ebaa75746096b. S. Barut
01:46 PM Enhancement #2781 (Resolved): Fixed a FIXME for a atomic increment
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-net|dcda4f4f7665b52e0cdc6c616c6427ead688c3b6. S. Barut
01:44 PM Bug #2780 (Resolved): Wrong folder for a file
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-net|ba775fad85d1a59efab08e35e185d85ec26477f9. S. Barut

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