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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
1448TasksResolvedNormalTest pkg-config05/21/2013 01:50 PMBuild System

1688TasksClosedNormalRelease version 0.10J. Moringen01/29/2014 06:44 PMRelease Management

325TasksResolvedNormalImplement Local TransportJ. Wienke08/26/2013 06:31 PMJava

43TasksClosedNormalEncapsulate Transport Implementations in Extension Libraries12/10/2013 11:15 PM

1694TasksResolvedNormalDocument Windows Installation using SDK PackageJ. Wienke01/10/2014 01:07 PMDocumentation

1447TasksRejectedNormalDebian package(s) for python and java12/12/2013 12:48 AMPackaging

1725TasksResolvedNormalCreate/bump homebrew formulas for 0.10J. Wienke02/04/2014 01:35 PMRelease Management

1229TasksResolvedNormalCheck if spread java sources can be updated to 4.3J. Wienke12/04/2013 10:33 AMJava

1698TasksResolvedNormalAdd Support Page to DocumentationJ. Moringen12/19/2013 06:51 PMDocumentation

1696TasksResolvedNormalAdd Support Page to DocumentationJ. Moringen12/19/2013 06:51 PMDocumentation

1144TasksResolvedLowAdd RSB and RSB-related Publications to Documentation09/02/2013 05:22 PMDocumentation

528TasksClosedNormalAdd a "Fixing the Network" Wiki page (also documenting Spread Best Practices)S. Wrede10/11/2013 06:35 PMDocumentation


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