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1816BugResolvedHighrsb-python 0.10 not deployed to pypiJ. Wienke03/19/2014 03:01 PMPython

1779EnhancementResolvedNormalLogger's timeline view should be able to display events with "off" timestampsJ. Moringen02/20/2014 02:40 PMCommon Lisp Tools

1728BugResolvedHighError in rsb.pc01/27/2014 04:44 PMConfiguration

1725TasksResolvedNormalCreate/bump homebrew formulas for 0.10J. Wienke02/04/2014 01:35 PMRelease Management

1698TasksResolvedNormalAdd Support Page to DocumentationJ. Moringen12/19/2013 06:51 PMDocumentation

1696TasksResolvedNormalAdd Support Page to DocumentationJ. Moringen12/19/2013 06:51 PMDocumentation

1695BugResolvedNormalFix failing tests of toolsJ. Moringen01/14/2014 06:22 PMCommandline Tools

1694TasksResolvedNormalDocument Windows Installation using SDK PackageJ. Wienke01/10/2014 01:07 PMDocumentation

1691EnhancementResolvedNormalMake rsb.conf pathes clearer for windowsJ. Wienke12/19/2013 10:55 PMDocumentation

1688TasksClosedNormalRelease version 0.10J. Moringen01/29/2014 06:44 PMRelease Management

1662BugResolvedHigh6c1e55c6 broke converter selection - and unit tests did not catch itJ. Moringen11/22/2013 03:38 PMC++

1658EnhancementResolvedNormalDo not require converter configuration for local transportsJ. Moringen11/15/2013 02:02 PMC++

1657FeatureResolvedNormalImprove exception messages for failed connector constructionJ. Moringen11/14/2013 10:12 AMC++

1649EnhancementResolvedLowIf bus is busy cl-logger takes significant time to endJ. Moringen10/31/2013 11:47 AMCommon Lisp

1627EnhancementResolvedNormalRemove checks for BoostUUIDJ. Wienke09/12/2013 08:10 PMC++

1613BugRejectedNormalrsb-loggercpp0.10 (installed in toolkit-nightly) crashes on startJ. Wienke09/05/2013 02:28 PMC++

1602BugResolvedNormalNullPointerException during Bus deactivationJ. Wienke09/02/2013 04:03 PMJava

1588BugResolvedNormalFailing test in timesync sub-projectJ. Wienke09/05/2013 05:32 PMTimesync

1488BugResolvedNormalSocket transport between cpp and cl mostly fails on macJ. Moringen08/23/2013 08:10 PMSocket Transport

1448TasksResolvedNormalTest pkg-config05/21/2013 01:50 PMBuild System

1447TasksRejectedNormalDebian package(s) for python and java12/12/2013 12:48 AMPackaging

1421BugClosedNormalVerify that string encoding change complies to TIDELog specification10/11/2013 06:27 PMDocumentation

1304BugResolvedNormalCheck if Java Implementation Throws Expected Exceptions if Spread is not AvailableS. Wrede08/27/2013 10:23 AMJava

1229TasksResolvedNormalCheck if spread java sources can be updated to 4.3J. Wienke12/04/2013 10:33 AMJava

1158BugResolvedHighSequence number increment is not atomicJ. Wienke08/19/2013 08:29 AMC++

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