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2435TasksRejectedNormalWait for confirmation when joining Spread groups [C++]12/22/2015 11:10 AMC++

2311FeatureRejectedNormalAllow negative scope filtering in the loggerJ. Moringen06/02/2015 07:10 PMCommon Lisp Tools

2307BugRejectedNormalrsb service call throws java.lang.InterruptedException?06/01/2015 10:40 AMJava

974TasksRejectedNormalMake URIs case-insensitive08/19/2015 04:11 PMSpecification

833FeatureRejectedLowHighlight active (sub-)scopes in RSB Scope Monitor12/22/2015 11:14 AMC++ Tools

852BugClosedLowHeap-Exhausted error when reading corrupt TIDELog filesJ. Moringen07/06/2016 03:11 PM

593FeatureClosedNormalImplement Meta-Converter for Domain- to Protobuf-Type ConversionS. Wrede09/28/2015 03:39 PMC++

2580BugResolvedNormalRace condition in LocalMethod: handler called before activation is finishedJ. Wienke06/22/2016 03:45 PMJava

2545EnhancementResolvedNormalAvoid double converter registration warning.05/11/2016 11:08 AMJava

2544BugResolvedNormalRST Converter map not thread safeJ. Wienke05/11/2016 11:08 AMJava

2539BugResolvedNormaltoString cannot handle empty events without idJ. Wienke04/28/2016 01:52 PMJava

2523BugResolvedNormalCopying a participantConfig results in odd behaviour in javaJ. Wienke03/30/2016 01:48 PMJava

2487BugResolvedNormal[rsb-cpp] No error message when desired plugins are not installedJ. Wienke02/15/2016 10:00 AMC++

2434TasksResolvedNormalWait for confirmation when joining Spread groups [Java]J. Wienke11/16/2015 01:28 PMJava

2432TasksResolvedNormalAdd license information to manualJ. Moringen03/03/2016 02:05 PMDocumentation

2431TasksResolvedNormalAdd license information to manualJ. Moringen03/03/2016 02:05 PMDocumentation

2403EnhancementResolvedNormalRemove implementation-dependant printed representation of objects from logger outputJ. Moringen03/02/2016 09:47 AMCommon Lisp Tools

2387FeatureResolvedNormalAdd a bridge command to toolsJ. Moringen09/15/2015 12:45 AMCommon Lisp Tools

2373FeatureResolvedNormalImplement a rsbag introspect command for introspecting systems described by log filesJ. Moringen08/31/2015 04:40 PMCommandline Tools

2371EnhancementResolvedNormalIntrospection receiver should only extend, never reduce informationJ. Moringen08/28/2015 02:40 PMCommon Lisp

2370FeatureResolvedNormalrsbag record should perform an introspection survey at the start of each recordingJ. Moringen12/04/2015 05:30 PMCommandline Tools

2369EnhancementResolvedNormalMove copied timestamps to namespaceJ. Moringen08/27/2015 11:12 AMPython Client API

2365BugResolvedNormalTimelines do not adapt immediately to changed window sizesJ. Moringen08/27/2015 01:20 PMCommon Lisp Tools

2362BugResolvedNormalintrospect json output is always emptyJ. Moringen08/18/2015 07:20 PMCommon Lisp Tools

2361BugResolvedNormalWrong sending of decimal numbers using RSB sendJ. Moringen08/18/2015 01:00 AMCommon Lisp Tools

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