• Data type relation to Channel/Scope 1:1?
  • Informer semantics: polymorphic or restricted to certain data types?
    • Add an "any" type for informers?
  • Multiple parallel scope structures of different categories?
  • How to keep type names unique? Registry?
    • We need conflict detection at runtime
    • Guideline for generating names
  • How much do we want to depend on the nameservice?
  • Common data type repository
  • Do we need advertisement?

Lessons Learned

  • Extensibility of data types without recompiling is required
  • Tool support: life view
  • Deep introspection with content display
    • IDL specs provided by name service to keep message size small?

Next Steps

  • kein 60 Mio Dreiecke
  • WBS Funktionale Komponenten portieren
  • Swissranger, Kinect, Videos
    • (Compressed) streams? - brauchen wir das, common format erarbeiten
      • für Bildverarbeitung eigentlich nicht brauchbar
      • stream codecs könnten konstante Framerate liefern bei unterschiedlicher Kompression
      • streaming mit geringer priorität
    • as fast possible
    • low latency
    • 1:n
  • wrap ICL algorithms and components

TODO: present use cases next time