Meeting 2014-02-06

Initial Introspection

  • Proposal + Demo
  • Discussion
  • Roadmap

RSB 1.0

  • 0.11: Introspection
  • 0.12: Maybe configuration
  • 1.0: Rosetta-based internal protocol
  • 1.1: Maybe configuration


[This is an old, known problem]

  1. We release RS{C,B}
  2. RCI trunk jobs can built with either the released or the master versions of RS{C,B}
  3. rst-converters-cpp-* jobs all copy artifacts from the same RCI trunk job
  4. One or more rst-converters-cpp-* jobs use a different e.g. RSC version than the copied RCI artifacts
  5. Those rst-converters-cpp-* jobs fail to build
  • Provide build-system-level support for building converter plugins as CMake macros, etc.
  • Specific converters (RCI, boost, ALVision) should be moved into separate projects, repositories, etc.


  • Sphinx/PocketSphinx postponed
  • Maven documentation for RST
  • Later: project-independent installation documentation

Toolkit and 3rd Party Software

postponed - should be discussed in cse/clf meeting

Example: OpenRave

  • The job openrave-master-toolkit-nightly has been broken for over 8 days (at the time of writing)
  • An email to cemmeric, dseidel, anordmann and swrede did not trigger any comments (or responses)