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J. Moringen, 05/20/2011 12:15 PM
updated; more specific description for C++


  • Plugins are loaded at initialization time
    • This means, registration of provided converters and connectors happens during initialization
    • This is required in order for RSB to be able inquire about capabilities and configuration of converters and connectors
  • Selection and loading of plugins is configured using the usual mechanism
    • An implementation-language-specific section configures
      • Means of locating plugins (e.g. searchpath, classpath, PYTHONPATH)
      • Names of the plugins that should be loaded

C++ Plugins

  • Are shared objects
  • Configuration via options
    • plugins.c++.path: Colon separated list of directories in which expanded (e.g. rsbspread DIRECTORY/ on linux) plugin libraries will be searched
    • plugins.c++.libraries: Colon separated list of plugin names (no including prefixes like "lib" of suffixes like ".so" or ".dll")

Configuration Example.

path = /vol/vampire/lib:/vol/cor/lib
libraries = rsbspread:rsbvampire     # no filetype suffix