From 03/19/2013 to 04/17/2013


05:26 AM Revision 13dcd47e (rsbag-tools-cl): Call rsb:enable-id-random-state-reseed in main/dump.lisp
refs #1326
* main/dump.lisp (toplevel): call `rsb:enable-id-random-state-reseed'
to ensure reseeding of the random...
J. Moringen


11:15 PM Revision 2bfafc19 (rsbag-cl): Use lparallel queue in src/rsb/replay/remote-controlled.lisp
refs #1438
* src/rsb/replay/remote-controlled.lisp (remote-controlled::queue):
use `lparallel.queue:queue' instead...
J. Moringen


05:10 PM Revision 0228e133 (rsbag): Updated HEADs of submodules rsbag-{cl,manual,tools-cl}
J. Moringen
05:02 PM Revision 57e67150 (rsbag-manual): Added log file, channel entries in glossary.rst
* glossary.rst: replaced TODO markers for "log file" and "channel"
with actual entries
J. Moringen
05:02 PM Revision 1a5052e8 (rsbag-manual): Improved explanation of scope-and-type strategy in bag-record.rst
fixes #1238
* bag-record.rst: separate paragraph with improved explanation of
scope-and-type strategy
J. Moringen
04:51 PM Revision c1f44640 (rsbag-cl): Improved documentation string in src/rsb/channel-strategies.lisp
refs #1238
* src/rsb/channel-strategies.lisp (header): updated copyright
(scope-and-type): improved documentation ...
J. Moringen

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