From 09/25/2013 to 10/24/2013


01:47 AM Revision 0c842b33 (rsbag-cl): Fixed package qualification of format functions in src/**/*.lisp
* src/conditions.lisp (open-error): fixed package qualification of
`maybe-print-cause' in report
J. Moringen
01:46 AM Revision ecf26ea8 (rsbag-cl): Fixed indentation of documentation strings in **/*.lisp, cl-rsbag.asd
* **/*.lisp: fixed indentation of documentation string
* cl-rsbag.asd: likewise
J. Moringen


06:29 PM Tasks #1482: Rename bag-merge -> bag-transform
There is some code but I'm not sure whether this will actually happen. May be subsumed by moving to a single binary w... J. Moringen
06:27 PM Bug #1421 (Closed): Verify that string encoding change complies to TIDELog specification
I guess, that's all we can do at the moment. J. Moringen


02:47 PM Revision e93817aa (rsbag-tools-cl): Better alternative priority in cpack/DebianUbuntu.cmake
* cpack/DebianUbuntu.cmake: use RSBAG_TOOLS_VERSION_{MAJOR,MINOR} to
J. Moringen


01:11 PM Revision 59e6c903 (rsbag-cl): TODO temp commit: minor fix in src/transform/ros-msg.lisp
J. Moringen


05:21 PM Revision c558406f (rsbag-cl): TODO temp commit: fixes
J. Moringen
05:03 PM Revision 7741ad7b (rsbag-cl): TODO temp commit: more ROSBag backend improvements
J. Moringen
04:58 PM Revision c937219c (rsbag-cl): TODO: temp commit ROSBag backend improvements
J. Moringen
04:50 PM Revision 4d6bdb82 (rsbag-cl): let+ adaptations
J. Moringen
04:49 PM Revision b9dbd5e2 (rsbag-cl): Initial version ROSBag backend in src/backend/rosbag/
* src/backend/rosbag/conditions.lisp: new file; conditions used by the
ROSBag backend
* src/backend/rosbag/generat...
J. Moringen
03:50 PM Revision 64da768a (rsbag-tools-cl): Fixed indentation of format strings in **/*.lisp
* **/*.lisp: fixed indentation of format strings J. Moringen
03:50 PM Revision cfb81dc3 (rsbag-tools-cl): Use (lambda ...) instead of #'(lambda ...) in **/*.lisp
* **/*.lisp: Use (lambda ...) instead of #'(lambda ...) J. Moringen
03:50 PM Revision 88a4b439 (rsbag-tools-cl): Changed tabs to spaces, semicolon style in **/*.lisp, cl-rsba...
* **/*.lisp: changed tabs to spaces; fixed semicolon style
* cl-rsbag-common.asd: likewise
* cl-rsbag-tools-main.asd:...
J. Moringen
03:50 PM Revision f09a3cef (rsbag-tools-cl): Use uninterned-symbol syntax in *package forms in **/*.lisp, ...
* **/*.lisp: use uninterned-symbol syntax in {def,in-}package forms
* cl-rsbag-common.asd: likewise
* cl-rsbag-tools-...
J. Moringen
03:49 PM Revision e82eb252 (rsbag-tools-cl): Shortened license, updated copyright in **/*.lisp, cl-rsbag-*...
* **/*.lisp (header): shortened license; updated copyright
* cl-rsbag-common.asd: likewise
* cl-rsbag-tools-main.asd:...
J. Moringen


03:43 AM Revision f9444b90 (rsbag-tools-cl): Minor improvements in scripts/export-{audio-as-wav,video-as-p...
* scripts/export-audio-as-wav.lisp (header): fixed one-line summary;
updated copyright
(toplevel): improved check...
J. Moringen


07:40 PM Revision 93bd08d4 (rsbag-tools-cl): Added more tests for bag-{cat,play} in CMakeLists.txt
* Tests for the --replay-strategy commandline option of bag-cat and
bag-play had been missing.
* Test new --replay...
J. Moringen


05:35 PM Revision 764cfba4 (rsbag-cl): Cosmetic changes in src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp
* src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp
(shared-initialize :before time-bounds-mixin t): use
J. Moringen
05:34 PM Revision 85dcc4c6 (rsbag-cl): Added delay-limiting-mixin in src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp
* src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp (delay-limiting-mixin): new class;
a mixins which adds the ability to limit d...
J. Moringen
05:30 PM Revision e42c1673 (rsbag-cl): Use log4cl instead of log5 in **/*.lisp
* src/backend/backend-mixins.lisp (write-buffer :before t t): changed
log1 -> log:{warn,info,debug}
J. Moringen


09:07 PM Revision 2911ff98 (rsbag-tools-cl): Use log4cl instead of log5 in bag-*/main.lisp
* bag-cat/main.lisp (header): updated copyright
(main): changed log1 -> log:{warn,info,debug}
* bag-play/main.lisp ...
J. Moringen

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