From 12/29/2013 to 01/27/2014


08:07 PM Revision 2880331f (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
08:05 PM Revision 079b12ca (rsbag-manual): Added version note in index.rst
* index.rst: discourage use of master version in a note; link to stable
J. Moringen


06:01 PM Revision 3e0c03cf (rsbag): Added release script
* new file; script for performing releases J. Moringen


07:36 PM Revision ee389ffe (rsbag): Updated HEADs of submodules rsbag-{cl,tools-cl}
J. Moringen
07:34 PM Revision c7c0aa98 (rsbag): Updated HEADs of submodules rsbag-{cl,manual,python,tools-cl}
J. Moringen
07:30 PM Revision 9fd81ccb (rsbag-tools-cl): Version bump to 0.11.0, refs #1688
J. Moringen
07:29 PM Revision af9542c9 (rsbag-cl): Version bump to 0.11.0, refs #1688
J. Moringen
07:28 PM Revision f46ff234 (rsbag-python): Version bump to 0.11.0, refs #1688
J. Moringen
07:27 PM Revision 96b2afce (rsbag-manual): Version bump to 0.11.0, refs #1688
J. Moringen
06:22 PM Bug #1695 (Resolved): Fix failing tests of tools
Applied in changeset rsbag-tools-cl|commit:a9b4f1fb17744a45ca9e8d94c8c05f74fac4c091. J. Moringen
05:56 PM Revision a9b4f1fb (rsbag-tools-cl): Test from-end index and time commandline options in CMakeList...
fixes #1695
* CMakeLists.txt: updated copyright; generate tests with negative
--{start,end}-{index,time} for the n...
J. Moringen


02:42 PM Revision 2665f5ee (rsbag-cl): TODO Some improvements in src/backend/rosbag/*.lisp
J. Moringen
02:12 PM Revision c652efd0 (rsbag-cl): Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into feat...
J. Moringen
01:10 PM Feature #1718 (In Progress): Support linked media files in Elan backend
* Reading linked video files
* Writing linked video files (in progress)
* Reading linked audio files
* Writing ...
J. Moringen

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