From 01/28/2014 to 02/26/2014


01:19 PM Revision 1bde0a1d (rsbag-cl): Improved signaled condition for wrong direction in src/conditions.lisp
* src/conditions.lisp (direction-error): renamed read-only-bag ->
J. Moringen
01:13 PM Revision c623440f (rsbag-cl): Fixed condition default initargs in src/transform/conditions.lisp
* src/transform/conditions.lisp (transform-condition): added missing
default initarg transform
(encoding-error): ...
J. Moringen
01:10 PM Revision 921eaa94 (rsbag-cl): Condition class refactoring in src/{,transform/}conditions.lisp
* src/conditions.lisp (bag-condition): renamed bag-{error -> condition}
(no-such-channel): changed superclasses bag...
J. Moringen
12:58 PM Revision a7483668 (rsbag-cl): Added rsbag-{condition, problem-condition} in src/conditions.lisp
* src/conditions.lisp (header): updated copyright
(rsbag-condition): new condition class; superclass for all
J. Moringen
12:55 PM Revision 4d74aa9d (rsbag-cl): Added print tests in test/{channel,bag}.lisp
* test/channel.lisp: new file; contains unit tests for the `channel'
class; initially printing test
* test/bag.lisp...
J. Moringen
11:39 AM Revision 55677e80 (rsbag-cl): Use with-mock-bag macro in test/bag.lisp
* test/bag.lisp (test bag-root::smoke): use `with-mock-bag' instead
manually constructing and closing the mock `bag...
J. Moringen


09:44 PM Revision 1023ea89 (rsbag-cl): Fixed default error policy in src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp
* src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp (header): updated copyright
(error-policy-mixin): removed default error polic...
J. Moringen


05:59 PM Revision 1011c6b6 (rsbag-cl): Capture error output for "version" Lisp process in CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt: when running "version" Lisp process, capture error
output into version.{1,2}.err
J. Moringen
05:59 PM Revision 8f16b54c (rsbag-cl): Do not set CPACK_PACKAGE_FILE_NAME in CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt: do not set CPACK_PACKAGE_FILE_NAME J. Moringen
05:59 PM Revision aaeb2fac (rsbag-cl): Added LISP_{SOURCE_REGISTRY_ENTRIES,FASL_CACHE_DIR} in CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt (header): updated copyright
(LISP_SOURCE_REGISTRY_ENTRIES): new option; allows injecting entries
J. Moringen


01:51 PM Revision f9b9b08f (rsbag-tools-cl): Fixed system description in cl-rsbag-tools-cat.asd
* cl-rsbag-tools-cat.asd (system cl-rsbag-tools-cat): fixed blindly
J. Moringen
01:41 PM Revision 63f0127f (rsbag-tools-cl): Adapted {start,end} -> {start,end}-timestamp in bag-info/main...
* bag-info/main.lisp (header): updated copyright
(main): changed {start,end} -> {start,end}-timestamp
J. Moringen
01:06 PM Revision b6184549 (rsbag-cl): Renamed {start,end} -> {start,end}-timestamp in src/*.lisp
* src/protocol.lisp (header): updated copyright
(start-timestamp): renamed start -> start-timestamp
J. Moringen


09:04 PM Revision a90d87f0 (rsbag-cl): Adapted to change package name in src/rsb/replay/*.lisp
* src/rsb/replay/remote-controlled.lisp (header): updated copyright
(setf strategy-%commands :after list remote-con...
J. Moringen
08:50 PM Revision d12fd029 (rsbag-tools-cl): Adapted to changed package name in bag-record/package.lisp
* bag-record/package.lisp (header): updated copyright
(package changed used package rsb.patter...
J. Moringen

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