From 10/22/2014 to 11/20/2014


07:47 PM Feature #2096: Allow looping replay in bag-play
Manual commit is commit:rsbag-manual|f0d635a4. J. Moringen
05:00 AM Feature #2096 (Resolved): Allow looping replay in bag-play
Applied in changeset commit:rsbag-tools-cl|a83f439500976bc95b07b9e2e37cef92c3b653d2. J. Moringen
06:04 AM Revision c70652f4 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
05:10 AM Revision f0d635a4 (rsbag-manual): Added loop commandline option in common.rst
refs #1837
* common.rst (Replay-related Options): added loop commandline option
* bag-play.rst (Description): adjust...
J. Moringen
04:07 AM Revision 0e58e80a (rsbag-cl): Added repetitions in src/rsb/replay/*.lisp
refs #2096
* src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp (repetitions-mixin): new class;
stores a number of times a replay...
J. Moringen
03:53 AM Revision a83f4395 (rsbag-tools-cl): Support repeated replay in common/*.lisp, bag-{cat,play}/main...
fixes #2096
* common/options.lisp (header): updated copyright
(make-replay-options): added loop commandline option...
J. Moringen


09:28 PM Feature #2096 (In Progress): Allow looping replay in bag-play
J. Moringen
07:35 PM Feature #2096 (Resolved): Allow looping replay in bag-play
J. Moringen
08:51 PM Revision c7b5c859 (rsbag-tools-cl): Added simple entry transform option in bag-merge/main.lisp
* bag-merge/main.lisp (update-synopsis): added transform-datum
commandline option
(main): pass value of transform...
J. Moringen
08:31 PM Revision a0cd9de9 (rsbag-tools-cl): Transform datum before computing timestamp in bag-merge/trans...
* bag-merge/transcoding.lisp (header): updated copyright
(transcode channel channel): transform datum before comput...
J. Moringen


01:47 AM Revision ea234893 (rsbag-cl): Fixed over-specific dependencies in rsbag-{elan,tidelog}.asd
* rsbag-elan.asd (header): updated copyright
(system rsbag-elan-test): made dependencies on systems rsbag-elan and
J. Moringen


08:59 PM Revision 9b272429 (rsbag-tools-cl): Added dependency on rsb-introspection system in cl-rsbag-tool...
This lets all tools publish introspection events and thus appear in
introspection reports.
* cl-rsbag-tools-main.asd...
J. Moringen


02:54 AM Revision df6b1048 (rsbag-cl): Handle inheritance of transport options in src/rsb/construction.lisp
refs #1045
* src/rsb/construction.lisp (header): updated copyright
(events->bag uri bag): allow inherited transpor...
J. Moringen


05:17 PM Revision 76498853 (rsbag-python): Use setuptools-epydoc
Use a dedicated package instead of a copy of the doc command. J. Wienke
05:17 PM Revision 44c0a2e8 (rsbag-python): setuptools uses install_requires instead of requires
Fix dependency management for setuptools. Setuptools uses the
install_requires keyword instead of requires.
J. Wienke
05:17 PM Revision 4e2dd9d1 (rsbag-python): Use loggerbyclass
Uses the loggerbyclass package instead of a copied version of that
J. Wienke
05:17 PM Revision 4c13ec51 (rsbag-python): Use --on-error=continue
Allow to replay files with broken indices. J. Wienke

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