From 03/19/2015 to 04/17/2015


08:27 PM Revision 699753c8 (rsbag-tools-cl): Improved help texts in bag-info/main.lisp
refs #1710
* bag-info/main.lisp (make-help-string): do not accept program-name
keyword parameter; do not generate ...
J. Moringen
07:35 PM Revision 08f57e09 (rsbag-tools-cl): Removed CMAKE_EXECUTABLE_PREFIX from output-translations in C...
* CMakeLists.txt: removed CMAKE_EXECUTABLE_PREFIX from
output-translations entry for the system to allow the transl...
J. Moringen


08:29 PM Revision 7304be11 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
08:26 PM Revision 6cf62d06 (rsbag-manual): Mention sub-command syntax in tools-*.rst, news.rst
refs #1710
* tool-cat.rst: use sub-command syntax
* tool-info.rst: likewise
* tool-merge.rst: likewise
* tool-play.r...
J. Moringen
08:25 PM Revision d78fc6df (rsbag-manual): Renamed {bag -> tools}-*.rst
* bag-cat.rst: renamed {bag -> tool}-cat.rst
* bag-info.rst: renamed {bag -> tool}-info.rst
* bag-merge.rst: renamed ...
J. Moringen
07:46 PM Revision d7e58bab (rsbag-tools-cl): Use UIOP instead of main/dump.lisp for image dumping
* main/main.lisp (main): do not (re)set entry point; it is set when
dumping for the first time
* main/dump.lisp: re...
J. Moringen
07:46 PM Revision 6ca5f404 (rsbag-tools-cl): Adapted CMake stuff to sub-command changes
refs #1710
* main/dump.lisp (toplevel): dump into rsbag[.exe] instead of bag[.exe]
* MakeLists.txt: tweaked binary n...
J. Moringen
07:46 PM Revision 19a0b0c1 (rsbag-tools-cl): Sub-command "transform" is an alias for "merge" in main/main....
refs #1482
* main/main.lisp (*name->entry-point*): added entry "transform" pointing
to `'
J. Moringen
07:46 PM Revision 94bc74bf (rsbag-tools-cl): Use commands in bag-*/main.lisp programs
refs #1710
* bag-info/main.lisp (header): updated copyright
(update-synopsis): accept program-name keyword paramet...
J. Moringen
07:46 PM Revision 9ea1d488 (rsbag-tools-cl): Unit tests for commands in test/commands/*.lisp
refs #1710
* test/commands/info.lisp: new file; tests for info command
* test/commands/cat.lisp: new file; tests for...
J. Moringen
07:46 PM Revision 3cc98c02 (rsbag-tools-cl): Initial import of sub-commands stuff in src/commands/*.lisp
refs #1710, refs #1482
* src/commands/protocol.lisp: new file; contains protocol for using and
creating command in...
J. Moringen


05:03 PM Revision 29f1b2a2 (rsbag-cl): Use uiop:register-image-{dump,restore}-hook in src/reloading.lisp
* src/reloading.lisp (header): updated copyright
(enable-restart-threadpool): removed
(toplevel): register `{stop...
J. Moringen
04:08 PM Revision 4e48a861 (rsbag-manual): Fixed named of ASDF system in tutorial-client-api.rst
* tutorial-client-api.rst (Preparation): fixed ASDF system name
cl-rsbag-tidelog -> rsbag-tidelog
J. Moringen
04:00 PM Revision 3997a243 (rsbag-manual): Markup improvement in tools.rst
* tools.rst (Tools): added reference to RSB J. Moringen


01:43 AM Revision 3cdffc73 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
01:28 AM Revision a8491764 (rsbag-manual): Added section for including data definitions in tutorial.rst
fixes #2217
* tutorial.rst (Loading Data Type Definitions): new section; explain
need for and use of -I, -l with b...
N. Hafner
01:19 AM Revision 9059d13e (rsbag-manual): Mention log file extensions in bag-record.rst
* bag-record.rst (Description): mention log file extensions in
description of output-file commandline option
J. Moringen
04:57 PM Revision bbd412b7 (rsbag-tools-cl): Serve list of log files at root in bag-server/main.lisp
J. Moringen
04:57 PM Revision bc9b6706 (rsbag-tools-cl): TODO Better error handling in bag-server/main.lisp
J. Moringen
04:57 PM Revision 3536372f (rsbag-tools-cl): TODO Better input file collection in bag-server/main.lisp
J. Moringen
04:57 PM Revision 49ae8d67 (rsbag-tools-cl): Added bag-server program in bag-server/*.lisp
* bag-server/help.lisp: new file
* bag-server/main.lisp: new file
* bag-server/package.lisp: new file
* cl-rsbag-tool...
J. Moringen
04:57 PM Revision 4ea113ee (rsbag-tools-cl): Removed serving javascript from bag-server/main.lisp
J. Moringen
04:52 PM Revision afa4d244 (rsbag-web-cl): initial import
J. Moringen
04:50 PM Revision 9c92c4db (rsbag-web-cl): Initial commit
J. Moringen
04:07 PM Revision 6c6d0c6c (rsbag-manual): Added section for Including Data Definitions
N. Hafner


02:39 PM Revision 0b3eb3cc (rsbag-cl): {make,with}-{listener,informer,local-server} -> {make,with}-partici...
* src/rsb/construction.lisp (header): updated copyright
(events->bag uri bag): make-listener -> make-participant
J. Moringen
11:15 AM Revision 7d09d044 (rsbag-tools-cl): with-{local-server,informer} -> with-participant in **/*.lisp
* bag-record/main.lisp (invoke-with-control-service): with-local-server
-> with-participant; with-informer -> with-...
J. Moringen

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