From 08/02/2015 to 08/31/2015


10:55 PM Revision 613dd116 (rsbag-tools-cl): Default progress style is :line in bag-introspect/main.lisp
* bag-introspect/main.lisp (update-synopsis): pass default progress
style :line to `make-replay-options'
J. Moringen
10:55 PM Revision 8887d954 (rsbag-tools-cl): Pass replay-strategy designator in src/commands/introspect.lisp
Passing a replay-strategy instance to `bag->events' prevents the
initargs like {start,end}-{time,index} from being ta...
J. Moringen
10:54 PM Revision 7a2f8441 (rsbag-tools-cl): Pass {start,end}-{time,index} to command in bag-introspect/ma...
* bag-introspect/main.lisp (main): pass values of
{start,end}-{time,index} options to introspect command
* CMakeLis...
J. Moringen
05:09 PM Revision 4e349e94 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
05:08 PM Revision ca264f43 (rsbag-manual): Mention TIDELog improvements in news.rst
* news.rst (RSBag 0.13): mention improved read and write performance and
memory use
J. Moringen
04:46 PM Revision b0baa052 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
04:45 PM Revision 1676178d (rsbag-manual): Fixed example markup in tool-introspect.rst
* tool-introspect.rst (Examples): fixed code-block markup J. Moringen
04:40 PM Feature #2373 (Resolved): Implement a rsbag introspect command for introspecting systems describe...
Applied in changeset commit:rsbag-manual|ec67ca8f93133311779c4ea0e672bfaf9a20f88c. J. Moringen
04:37 PM Revision 8f23eec2 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
04:21 PM Revision b3fa1057 (rsbag-manual): Removed man-page stuff in tool-{cat,info,merge,play,record}.rst
While a nice idea, generating HTML documentation and man-pages from the
same source never really worked properly - at...
J. Moringen
04:21 PM Revision ec67ca8f (rsbag-manual): Mention introspect command in news.rst
fixes #2373
* news.rst (RSBag 0.13): mention introspect command
J. Moringen
04:20 PM Revision f393eb8b (rsbag-tools-cl): Option for JSON styles in CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt (WITH_JSON_SUPPORT): new option; controls whether JSON
styles should be loaded
J. Moringen
04:20 PM Revision 4f6c23fa (rsbag-tools-cl): Initial import of introspect tool in bag-introspect/*.lisp
refs #2373
* bag-introspect/main.lisp: new file; entry point of introspect tool
* bag-introspect/package.lisp: new f...
J. Moringen
04:00 PM Revision 98011814 (rsbag-tools-cl): Initial import of introspect command in src/commands/introspe...
refs #2373
* src/commands/introspect.lisp: new file; contains implementation of
introspect command
* test/commands...
J. Moringen
03:44 PM Revision fb616eb3 (rsbag-tools-cl): Moved print-replay-progress to src/commands/util.lisp
* src/commands/util.lisp: new file; contains utilities used by commands
* src/commands/play.lisp (print-replay-progre...
J. Moringen
02:37 PM Revision b77b1d5f (rsbag-tools-cl): Added bag->events-mixin in src/commands/mixins.lisp
Split `replay-mixin' into `bag->events-mixin' and `replay-mixin', the
former containing channel selection and tempora...
J. Moringen
02:37 PM Revision c6fe94b6 (rsbag-tools-cl): Improved make-replay-options in common/options.lisp
* common/options.lisp (header): updated copyright
(%make-group): new function; helper for make-replay-options
J. Moringen
02:37 PM Revision 23c2afa8 (rsbag-tools-cl): Fixed errors in redump command in main/main.lisp
* main/main.lisp (main): fixed type of value for :static? initarg
* CMakeLists.txt: added smoke tests for redump command
J. Moringen
01:34 PM Enhancement #2376 (New): Allow to deduplicate participants in introspection export
When using @bag introspect@ it would be nice if one could specify something like primary keys for the different eleme... J. Wienke


09:47 PM Revision 94b18c18 (rsbag-manual): Backport: Mention download options for 0.12 release in news.rst
* news.rst (RSBag 0.12): mention project information, package and
download options for the release
(cherry picked ...
J. Moringen
09:47 PM Revision 113d555d (rsbag-manual): Added description of introspect command in tool-introspect.rst
refs #2373
* tool-introspect.rst: new file; contains description of introspect
* tools.rst: include tool-i...
J. Moringen
09:47 PM Revision c872388a (rsbag-manual): Mention download options for 0.12 release in news.rst
* news.rst (RSBag 0.12): mention project information, package and
download options for the release
J. Moringen


06:36 PM Feature #2373 (Resolved): Implement a rsbag introspect command for introspecting systems describe...
@rsbag introspect LOGFILE@ should process introspection events stored in the log file and build up the usual introspe... J. Moringen


10:09 AM Feature #2370 (Resolved): rsbag record should perform an introspection survey at the start of eac...
* Determine transports for introspection survey:
*# Map requested recording URIs to transports
*# Deduplicate list ...
J. Moringen


11:12 AM Enhancement #2369 (Resolved): Move copied timestamps to namespace
Applied in changeset commit:rsbag-python|f48e31a8f6d9d576016b520fa05b2a5b149ab646. J. Wienke
11:09 AM Revision f48e31a8 (rsbag-python): Move copied timestamps to namespace in user times in rsbag/__in...
fixes #2369
While preserving original timing information, prefix all timestamps with
"rsbag:" inside the user times ...
J. Wienke


06:17 PM Enhancement #2369 (Resolved): Move copied timestamps to namespace
Attached is a patch which copies timestamps to a namespace prefixed with @rsbag:@ to prevent name clashes. Additional... J. Wienke
05:36 PM Revision 78cbf2a8 (rsbag-cl): Lazy timestamp computations in src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp
* src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp (header): updated copyright
(replay :before replay-bag-connection time-bounds...
J. Moringen
05:36 PM Revision 4413eaf2 (rsbag-cl): Cosmetic changes in src/view/serialized.lisp
* src/view/serialized.lisp (header): updated copyright
(make-simple-sequence-iterator serialized): cosmetic changes...
J. Moringen


06:02 PM Revision 85449ef8 (rsbag-cl): Moved view mixins into single file src/view/mixins.lisp
* src/view/mixins.lisp: new file; contains view-related iterator mixin
* src/view/
J. Moringen


08:21 PM Revision bb435d46 (rsbag-cl): Index flush strategy derivation in src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp
For indices, derive flush strategies that flush more frequently from the
flush strategy used for chunks.
* src/backe...
J. Moringen
08:21 PM Revision 1f80d36b (rsbag-cl): Flush strategy infrastructure improvements in src/backend/*.lisp
* src/backend/protocol.lisp (header): updated copyright
(make-flush-strategy standard-object): new method; `standar...
J. Moringen
08:21 PM Revision 9037b66d (rsbag-cl): Restored close method for input-index in src/backend/tidelog/index....
* src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp (close input-index): new method; noop,
but necessary for protocol
J. Moringen
05:26 PM Revision 487c61f1 (rsbag-tools-cl): Added is{started,open} to synopsis in bag-record/main.lisp
refs #2347
* bag-record/main.lisp (update-synopsis): added descriptions of
is{started,open} methods
J. Moringen


07:26 PM Revision 4cbd9905 (rsbag-cl): Instance reuse optimization src/backend/tidelog/{file,index}.lisp
Allocating and then throwing away `chunk-entry' and `index-entry'
instances produces avoidable memory pressure. Inste...
J. Moringen
07:24 PM Revision 4c514c76 (rsbag-cl): Initial split into {input,output,io}-index in src/backend/tidelog/i...
Depending on whether direction is :input, :output or :io either the
queryable index of timestamps of offsets or the b...
J. Moringen
06:56 PM Revision 7a714bac (rsbag-cl): get-entry optimization in src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (get-entry file integer integer):
reduced critical section size; do not unpack a `c...
J. Moringen
06:50 PM Revision b2c524b0 (rsbag-tools-cl): Use :output direction for output file in src/commands/transfo...
* src/commands/transform.lisp (command-execute transform): open output
file with :output direction to take advantag...
J. Moringen


02:34 PM Bug #852 (Closed): Heap-Exhausted error when reading corrupt TIDELog files
This is much more robust / less memory hungry now. J. Moringen
02:13 PM Revision 51f10e3e (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
01:30 PM Revision 43ec485a (rsbag-cl): Async index write-back in src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp (index): added superclass
J. Moringen
01:30 PM Revision 1ddcb908 (rsbag-cl): Pass flush strategy to index in src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (shared-initialize :after file t): pass
flush strategy of the instance to `make-ind...
J. Moringen
01:29 PM Revision c69a3810 (rsbag-cl): Improved error recovery in src/backend/tidelog/*.lisp
refs #852
Most importantly, INDX blocks are now located when scanning, but not
unpacked immediately, reducing peak m...
J. Moringen
11:20 AM Revision 64c821d9 (rsbag-cl): Added index-vector type and functions in src/backend/tidelog/index....
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (make-index): use `index-add-indxs'
after creating the index
* src/backend/tidelog/...
J. Moringen
11:20 AM Revision fa8c0603 (rsbag-cl): Index locks stream in src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (header): updated copyright
(shared-initialize :after file t): pass lock to `make-i...
J. Moringen


02:08 PM Revision b77efdc2 (rsbag-tools-cl): Backport: Added is{open,started} remote interface methods in ...
refs #2347
* src/commands/record.lisp (record): mention new "isstarted" and
"isopen" methods in documentation stri...
J. Moringen

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