From 11/14/2015 to 12/13/2015


01:37 PM Tasks #2479 (New): Bag as bus server crashes in case client is closed
I have seen this several times in case I terminate a bus client:... J. Wienke


11:32 PM Revision 649995f3 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
11:31 PM Revision 8fee5e81 (rsbag-manual): introspection-survey commandline option in tool-record.rst
refs #2370
* tool-record.rst (Description): added description of
introspection-survey commandline option
J. Moringen
10:00 AM Revision da486e6a (rsbag-cl): Preparation for multiple-file support in bag->events in src/rsb/con...
refs #817
* src/rsb/construction.lisp (bag->events sequence t): new method; will
later allow opening multiple sour...
J. Moringen


03:17 PM Revision d4c156f4 (retf-documents): Minor improvements in rd-0008.txt
* rd-0008.txt (References): improved reference format J. Moringen
03:17 PM Revision 7d29000c (retf-documents): Initial commit
J. Moringen
03:17 PM Revision a8bc85c6 (retf-documents): Added RD 1 document (TIDELog specification) in rd-0001.txt
Unmodified RD 1 specification text as available from RETF website.
* rd-0001.txt: new file; TIDELog specification
J. Moringen
03:17 PM Revision 52f0ede4 (retf-documents): Minor fixes in rd-0001.txt
J. Moringen
03:17 PM Revision 7e583cb0 (retf-documents): Added RD 8 document (Robot Message URLs) in rd-8.txt
Unmodified RD 8 specification text as available from RETF website.
* rd-0008.txt: new file; RD 8 specification text
J. Moringen
03:00 PM Revision 6f687b57 (rsbag-tools-cl): Pass all input files to bag->events in src/commands/*.lisp
refs #817
* src/commands/introspect.lisp (command-execute): pass all input files
to `bag->events' instead of just ...
J. Moringen
02:58 PM Revision e0bd3850 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
02:45 PM Revision 3e6a38fe (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
11:18 AM Revision e804bbca (rsbag-tools-cl): Bag record introspection survey in {src/commands/record,bag-r...
refs #2370
* src/commands/record.lisp (record::introspection-survey?): new slot
(command-execute record):
* bag-re...
J. Moringen
11:18 AM Revision 2bd69b1b (rsbag-tools-cl): Run timer in separate thread in test/send-test-events.lisp
* test/send-test-events.lisp (toplevel): run timer in separate thread J. Moringen
10:34 AM Revision 35f7a15f (rsbag-cl): Recording introspection survey is optional in src/rsb/bag-connectio...
refs #2370
* src/rsb/bag-connection.lisp
(recording-bag-connection::introspection-survey?): new slot; controls
J. Moringen
10:03 AM Revision 87323d1b (rsbag-manual): Mention bag record introspection survey in news.rst
refs #2370
* news.rst (RSBag 0.13): mention introspection survey performed by the
record command at the beginning ...
J. Moringen
09:33 AM Revision ccc282b7 (rsbag-tools-cl): Fixed missing generic function in src/commands/mixins.lisp
* src/commands/mixins.lisp (command-input-files): new generic function;
changed method into generic function with i...
J. Moringen


05:30 PM Feature #2370 (Resolved): rsbag record should perform an introspection survey at the start of eac...
Applied in changeset commit:rsbag-cl|d4737ec1ec9cd7320e75d71e2361070ebdf10ec6. J. Moringen
05:16 PM Revision 2cfd01d5 (rsbag-cl): Adaptations to walk-nodes changes in test/builder.lisp
* test/builder.lisp (test rsbag-builder-root::bag/smoke): adapted to
changes in `walk-nodes'
(test rsbag-builder-...
J. Moringen
05:02 PM Revision 81e388e3 (rsbag-cl): Reduced log-level for flush-strategy message in src/backend/tidelog...
* src/backend/tidelog/index.lisp (make-index): changed log-level for
flush-strategy derivation message info -> debug
J. Moringen
05:02 PM Revision f7486706 (rsbag-cl): Removed wrong inline declamations in compat/0.?/src/transform/rsb-e...
* compat/0.?/src/transform/rsb-event.lisp (header): updated copyright
(toplevel): removed wrong inline declamation ...
J. Moringen
05:01 PM Revision d4737ec1 (rsbag-cl): Perform introspection survey on recording start in src/rsb/bag-conn...
fixes #2370
This initial introspection survey allows introspecting the recorded
system based on the recorded data.
J. Moringen
04:53 PM Revision 50b85929 (rsbag-cl): Improve start protocol implementation for connections in src/rsb/*....
refs #2370
Connections no longer accept a start keyword parameter in the
`initialize-instance' methods. Instead, the...
J. Moringen
03:57 PM Revision adc19c75 (rsbag-cl): Added recording-bag-connection in src/rsb/bag-connection.lisp
refs #2370
* src/rsb/bag-connection.lisp (header): updated copyright
(recording-bag-connection): new class; specia...
J. Moringen
03:35 PM Revision 7b16df52 (rsbag-tools-cl): Channel count in "entries" progress style in src/commands/rec...
* src/commands/record.lisp (progress-style/entries): print channel count
in addition to event count
J. Moringen
03:35 PM Revision 490fe170 (rsbag-tools-cl): Use collapse-reserved as default channel allocation in bag-re...
* bag-record/main.lisp (update-synopsis): changed default of
channel-allocation scope-and-type -> collapse-reserved
J. Moringen
02:43 PM Revision c1e0de76 (rsbag-cl): Added strategy for collapsing reserved scopes in src/rsb/channel-st...
* src/rsb/channel-strategies.lisp
(channel-name-for channel-connection event scope-and-type): use
J. Moringen
01:58 PM Revision 97718109 (rsbag-cl): Added delegating-mixin in src/rsb/channel-strategies.lisp
* src/rsb/channel-strategies.lisp (delegating-mixin): new class;
delegates to a "next" strategy
J. Moringen
12:15 PM Revision 6faef982 (rsbag-cl): Added delegating-mixin in src/rsb/channel-strategies.lisp
* src/rsb/channel-strategies.lisp (delegating-mixin): new class;
delegates to a "next" strategy
J. Moringen
10:52 AM Revision 15c30286 (rsbag-cl): Added ensure-channel-mixin in src/rsb/channel-strategies.lisp
* src/rsb/channel-strategies.lisp (ensure-channel-mixin): new class;
adds basic {ensure,make}-channel-for behavior ...
J. Moringen


11:27 AM Revision 1ea09c64 (rsbag-cl): Added channel-{transform,meta-data}-for in src/rsb/protocol.lisp
* src/rsb/protocol.lisp (channel-transform-for): new generic function;
derive transform for the channel in which a ...
J. Moringen
11:26 AM Revision a56a3087 (rsbag-cl): Protocol improvements in src/rsb/protocol.lisp
* src/rsb/protocol.lisp (header): updated copyright
(channel-name-for): renamed parameter bag -> connection
J. Moringen


01:15 PM Revision bec3e653 (rsbag-cl): Optimizations in %chunk-id->offset in src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (%chunk-id->offset): declare types
locally; recurse via local function
J. Moringen
01:11 PM Revision 8abf407b (rsbag-cl): Store channels in hash-table in src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (file:channels): changed to hash-table
(shared-initialize :after file t): adapted t...
J. Moringen
11:01 AM Revision 9ec5ca9f (rsbag-tools-cl): GC after each recording session in src/commands/record.lisp
* src/commands/record.lisp (call-with-control-service): do a full
garbage collection after the end of each recording
J. Moringen


06:04 PM Revision 5bc802ba (rsbag-cl): Added un-build protocol implementation for bags, channels in src/bu...
* src/builder.lisp: new file; contains an implementation of
the un-build protocol for bags and channels
* test/buil...
J. Moringen


02:55 PM Revision bdaecbcb (rsbag-tools-cl): Fixed use of ignored variable in bag-info/main.lisp
* bag-info/main.lisp (update-synopsis): unignored used variable J. Moringen
10:04 AM Revision da6a2f5b (rsbag-tools-cl): Use flag instead of switch for force in bag-merge/main.lisp
* bag-merge/main.lisp (update-synopsis): changed force option from
switch to flag
J. Moringen

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