From 11/09/2011 to 12/08/2011


03:29 AM Revision 13: Cosmetic changes in drivers/rsb/src/Common.cpp
* drivers/rsb/src/Common.cpp: cosmetic changes J. Moringen
03:29 AM Revision 12: Removed auto-generated directory drivers/RoundTripROS/msg_gen
* drivers/RoundTripROS/msg_gen: removed since auto-generated J. Moringen
03:27 AM Revision 11: Support distributing clients of multiple processes
* benchmarking/src/benchmarking/Options.{h,cpp}: added options
numProcesses, clientsPerProcess and processId
* driv...
J. Moringen
03:23 AM Revision 10: Adaptations to changed recording drivers/yarp/src/DriverFullspeed.cpp
* drivers/yarp/src/DriverFullspeed.cpp: call prepareRecording; do not
add receive timestamps to pongs; use Reflecto...
J. Moringen
03:22 AM Revision 9: Adaptations to changed recording drivers/yarp/src/DriverTimed.cpp
* drivers/yarp/src/DriverTimed.cpp: call prepareRecording; do not add
receive timestamps to pongs
J. Moringen
03:21 AM Revision 8: Improved recording in drivers/yarp/src/Common.{h,cpp}
* drivers/yarp/src/Common.{h,cpp}: added prepareRecording; improved
recording of pongs
J. Moringen
03:18 AM Revision 7: Refactored reflector into drivers/yarp/src/Reflector[Ports].{h,cpp}
* drivers/yarp/CMakeLists.txt: added files
* drivers/yarp/src/Reflector.h: ...
J. Moringen
03:15 AM Revision 6: Restored TCP_NODELAY option in drivers/RoundTripROS/src/DriverFullspeed.cpp
* drivers/RoundTripROS/src/DriverFullspeed.cpp: restored previously
disabled TCP_NODELAY option
J. Moringen

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