1. Check out the project from
2. Run python build && python install --prefix=$prefix
3. Start the program


To run the program, spread must have been started.
After running and starting it, the program will display every recently spread RSB-Event given a certain scope.
Every scope will get it's own index on the y-Axis while the x-Axis represents the time. Moving the mouse over one of the dots representing one Event shows information about the RSB-Event
The frequency of plot updates and therefore CPU load can be adjusted by the knob located beneath the plot. The slider enables one to change the length of history, showing or hiding events in- or outside the specified length.



plueckin [at] techfak [dot] uni-bielefeld [dot] de

screenshot_etvis.png (64.8 KB) P. L├╝cking, 06/19/2012 05:13 PM