From 11/03/2013 to 12/02/2013


05:34 PM Major plugin overhaul
RSB iceWing plugins have been revived and adopted to our current standards:
* releases for rsb 0.9 and master vers...
J. Wienke
05:32 PM Revision 5ddb8163 (rsbrstimageimport): Version downgrade to 0.9
J. Wienke
05:30 PM Revision 30db2398 (rsbrstimageimport): Major clean up and overhaul
* Argument parsing
* Fixes for new RSB version
* CMake and naming according to standard
J. Wienke
04:39 PM Revision 471b8f54 (rsbrstexport): Cmake cleanup
* Include header in project J. Wienke
04:37 PM Revision 322980ce (rsbxmlexport): CMake cleanup
* include headers in project
* remove invalid use of RST flags
J. Wienke
04:30 PM Revision 84cb6e14 (rsbxmlexport): Downgrade to 0.9
J. Wienke
04:28 PM Revision 7e79baf2 (rsbxmlexport): Update to more modern structure
* Rename according to rst export plugin
* Formatting
* Fix compilation warnings
J. Wienke
04:25 PM Revision f50d1632 (rsbxmlexport): Eclipse project updats
J. Wienke
04:00 PM Revision b61d6a4e (rsbrstexport): Version downgrade to 0.9
J. Wienke
03:40 PM Revision 72449d5e (rsbrstexport): Make options configurable
* Input data ident
* Output scope
J. Wienke
03:13 PM Revision cbbd261b (rsbrstexport): Initial import
A plugin to export RST / protobuf types via RSB. J. Wienke

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