From 01/04/2018 to 02/02/2018


09:10 PM Bug #2042 (Resolved): semantics of rsc::runtime::Properties::set() not conform to documentation
Applied in changeset commit:rsc|e9b262e801818e2ba0c2bd86b38477dcd8e99e34. J. Moringen
07:22 PM Bug #1119 (Resolved): Debian packaging doesn't contain mandatory file /usr/share/doc/<package>/ch...
Has been fixed a long time ago. J. Moringen
07:18 PM Bug #2472 (In Progress): Under windows rsc::misc timestamps are in milliseconds.
J. Moringen
07:00 PM Enhancement #1621 (Resolved): Deprecate and later remove Registry
Applied in changeset commit:rsc|b8dc9f81ef88fe01a2454031b7fbd5a6a41e0048. J. Moringen
07:00 PM Tasks #1629 (Resolved): Let logging system use factory instead of registry
Applied in changeset commit:rsc|215d6233da277a2b4acfc8a55910c812173a533f. J. Moringen

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