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5789c0d8 10/05/2018 10:57 AM J. Moringen

Modernized CMake initialization in CMakeLists.txt

  • CMakeLists.txt: require CMake 3.0; do not set
    CMAKE_ALLOW_LOOSE_LOOP_CONSTRUCTS since it has been the default for
    ten years; supply VERSION and LANGUAGES keyword arguments to the
    project() command
39bfc8ea 10/02/2018 07:42 PM J. Moringen

Version bump to 0.19.0, refs #2743

e5856553 09/12/2018 01:22 PM J. Moringen

Use _WIN32 instead of WIN32 in src/rsc/**/*.{h,cpp}

_WIN32 seems to be the standard macro that is guaranteed to be

  • src/rsc/misc/langutils.cpp: changed WIN32 -> _WIN32
  • src/rsc/config/Environment.cpp (header): updated copyright
    changed WIN32 -> _WIN32
9afc9a5f 09/12/2018 01:21 PM J. Moringen

Removed stray tabs in src/CMakeLists.txt

  • src/CMakeLists.txt: untabified
e9b262e8 02/02/2018 08:14 PM J. Moringen

Fixed confused semantics of Properties::set in src/rsc/runtime/Properties.h

fixes #2042

  • src/rsc/runtime/Properties.h (Properties::set): always replace
    existing entries; return Properties object
b8dc9f81 02/02/2018 07:17 PM J. Moringen

Removed Registry in src/rsc/misc/Registry.h

fixes #1621

  • src/rsc/misc/Registry.h: removed; has been deprecated for a long
  • test/rsc/misc/RegistreeLib.{h,cpp}: removed; no longer needed
  • test/rsc/misc/testRegistry.{h,cpp}: likewise
  • test/rsc/misc/RegistryTest.cpp: likewise...
215d6233 02/02/2018 07:17 PM J. Moringen

Logging sub-system no longer uses registry in src/rsc/logging/*.{h,cpp}

fixes #1629

A new class LoggingSystemFactory is now responsible for managing known
LoggingSystem implementation as well as creating instances of
those. The built-in logging systems are initially registered in...

92c425c9 02/02/2018 07:17 PM J. Moringen

Cleanup up includes in src/rsc/logging/*.{h,cpp}

  • src/rsc/logging/LoggingSystem.h (header): updated copyright
    (includes): cleaned up
  • src/rsc/logging/ConsoleLoggingSystem.h (header): updated copyright
    (includes): cleaned up
    (LoggingSystemPtr): new typedef...
52b6eb85 02/02/2018 03:28 PM J. Moringen

Updated package maintainer in cpack/CPackDebianConfig.cmake

37955ae1 02/02/2018 03:28 PM J. Moringen

Updated copyright in cpack/CPackDebianConfig.cmake

  • cpack/CPackDebianConfig.cmake (toplevel): updated copyright year
    written to "copyright" file

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