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2723EnhancementResolvedNormalAdd a collection version of sandbox/vision/EncodedImageJ. Moringen07/14/2017 10:00 AMType Proposal

2722FeatureResolvedNormalSupport OpenCV's cv::Mat data typeJ. Moringen05/29/2017 01:31 PMcpp

2707EnhancementResolvedNormalPatch for expanding person hypothesisJ. Moringen02/16/2017 09:58 AMType Proposal

2706EnhancementResolvedNormalPatch for more detailed tracking informationsJ. Moringen02/16/2017 09:58 AMType Proposal

2627TasksResolvedNormalSeparate projects and repositories for C++ and Python convertersJ. Moringen07/26/2016 02:30 PMBuild System

2625BugResolvedNormalrst-converters-cpp does not build with modern Eigen 3 versions (e.g. Ubuntu Xenial)J. Moringen10/16/2017 09:23 PMcpp

2536FeatureResolvedNormalType for binary encoded/compressed ImagesJ. Moringen07/08/2016 11:02 AMType Proposal

2438FeatureResolvedNormalBayesNetwork protosJ. Moringen11/25/2015 11:20 AMType Proposal

2437FeatureResolvedNormalProtos for Calendar interactionJ. Moringen11/20/2015 01:33 PMType Proposal

2166FeatureResolvedNormalAdd ClassificationResults to the sandboxJ. Moringen02/04/2015 04:40 PMType Proposal

2156BugRejectedNormalChanging rst-converters-python branch to 0.11 from master leads to a DEPLOYMENT-ERRORJ. Moringen01/13/2015 04:48 PMBuild System

1974EnhancementResolvedUrgentAdd color information support to PointCloud3DFloatJ. Moringen09/02/2014 02:09 PMType Proposal

1853FeatureResolvedNormalAdd OccupancyGridInt to sandboxJ. Moringen04/24/2014 03:46 PMType Proposal

1824BugNewNormalWrong message URLs in sandbox package overviewJ. Moringen10/16/2017 09:23 PMdocumentation

1804FeatureResolvedNormalAdd new type LocatedFace to sandboxJ. Moringen04/16/2014 05:55 PMType Proposal

1697TasksResolvedNormalAdd Support Page to DocumentationJ. Moringen12/19/2013 06:52 PMdocumentation

1661BugResolvedNormalMissing-converter error although the required converter is listed as availableJ. Moringen11/25/2013 12:02 PM

1544FeatureResolvedNormalAdd Collision to the sandboxJ. Moringen07/11/2013 02:15 PM

1530FeatureResolvedNormalAdd new types representing classifications results and sensor properties to the sandboxJ. Moringen06/04/2013 12:42 PMType Proposal

1520EnhancementResolvedHighI have to manually resolve ambiguity for .rst.geometry.Pose and Moringen06/05/2013 06:10 PM

1455TasksResolvedNormalImprove description of rst installationJ. Moringen04/02/2013 06:18 PMdocumentation

1384TasksIn ProgressNormalHighlight distinction between stable and sandbox types in generated manualJ. Moringen10/16/2017 09:23 PMdocumentation

1283BugResolvedNormalRST-Manual is inconsistent about the right PYTHONPATHJ. Moringen12/06/2012 06:37 PMdocumentation

1277TasksIn ProgressNormalReorganize directories to allow foreign types and mappingsJ. Moringen10/16/2017 09:23 PMBuild System

1276FeatureIn ProgressNormalUse rosetta for code generationJ. Moringen02/06/2014 05:32 PMBuild System

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