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2668BugResolvedNormalPython converters unit tests do not work with OpenCV 3J. Wienke10/06/2016 04:00 PMpython converters

2667TasksResolvedNormalProvide a python converter for the new cv2 API using numpy arraysJ. Wienke10/06/2016 04:07 PMpython converters

2453EnhancementResolvedNormalDeprecate euroc types01/28/2016 10:39 AMprotocol

2452EnhancementResolvedNormalDeprecate FloatSoundArray and FormattedSoundChunk01/28/2016 10:39 AMprotocol

2243TasksResolvedNormalReview, improve and promote sandbox types for 0.12 versionJ. Wienke04/28/2015 04:08 PMType Proposal

2075TasksResolvedNormalAdd protocol files to describe triangle meshesJ. Wienke11/04/2014 01:40 PMprotocol

1974EnhancementResolvedUrgentAdd color information support to PointCloud3DFloatJ. Moringen09/02/2014 02:09 PMType Proposal

1753TasksResolvedNormalDocument how to use RST for java with MavenS. Sharma02/19/2014 02:18 PMdocumentation

1689TasksResolvedNormalReview sandbox data types for next releaseJ. Wienke12/16/2013 05:10 PMprotocol

1644BugResolvedHighC++ converters do not build on windowsJ. Wienke12/13/2013 05:38 PMcpp hack does not work with recent setuptools versionsJ. Wienke09/03/2015 03:30 PMpython

1610EnhancementResolvedNormalGenerated pom.xml files should contain SNAPSHOT version for development releasesJ. Wienke09/05/2013 01:19 PMjava

1512TasksResolvedNormalImprove documentation of PersonHypothesisL. Schillingmann01/26/2017 05:11 PMprotocol

1511TasksRejectedLowDocument GroupHypothesis03/03/2016 12:10 PMprotocol

1507TasksResolvedNormalMerge back RST changes from HUMAVIPSJ. Wienke05/27/2013 04:42 PMprotocol

1475TasksResolvedNormalSupport deserialization of yuv422 images in pythonJ. Wienke04/24/2013 01:49 PMpython

1155TasksResolvedNormalMake multiple versions of rst-converters installable in parallel06/05/2013 09:53 PMBuild System

1154TasksResolvedNormalMake multiple versions of rst-proto installable in parallelA. Nordmann01/09/2013 06:48 PMBuild System

1064TasksResolvedNormalUpdate packaging to use new RSC macrosJ. Wienke08/29/2012 05:03 PMBuild System

1001EnhancementResolvedNormalPush ClassificationResult to stableJ. Wienke08/29/2012 05:03 PMprotocol

902EnhancementResolvedNormalUse a repeated field for CpuMemory for the CPUsJ.-C. Seele08/28/2012 12:21 PMprotocol

751EnhancementResolvedNormalUnintuituve error message if protobuf python module is not foundJ. Wienke04/19/2012 04:50 PM

747BugResolvedUrgentRSTsandbox python does not workJ. Wienke12/08/2011 10:24 AM

728BugResolvedHighpython sandbox unusable with includes11/22/2011 03:50 PM

724TasksResolvedNormalRemove version from generated artifactsJ. Wienke11/16/2011 01:30 PM

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